Zen Meditation Yoga Practice for good Health

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Zen Meditation Yoga Practice for good Health

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Zen Meditation is the heart of Zen Buddhist experience. Having Zen meditation, your correct posture is vital though it's not a difficult task.
While you started, your accommodation and surrounding should have a quiet and peaceful place manner. During practice, Keep in mind room temperature should be medium and light also.
Various Postures;
There has various way to do Zen meditation but traditionally used lotus position. Yet least can be recommended for that. If you do not feel comfortable. Zazen is practice sitting on a zafu, a thick and round cushion, in the full lotus. In this way, zazen practice will be more comfortable and stable.

It might be unnatural or uncomfortable posture for the beginner but having practice, your legs and hips will be more comfortable and flexible and body and mind will be relaxed as well.
The Eyes: while practicing Zen you eyes should open on meditation. This way prevent your daydreaming. Also, your eyes will come to rest in a position. After that, you will get more sleep.
Zen meditation with breathing is so powerful that it cannot be compared with any other, and it is a fundamental part of the Zazen practice. While doing zazen keep close your mouth and then breath quietly through the nose.
Zen breathing and martial arts breathing are similar, and they can be compared to the mooing of a cow or the roaring of a tiger. As you know that martial arts breathing and zen breathing is quite similar. As long you practice it and focus on exhalation while inhalation is done by naturally. While doing that keep calm with deep natural rhythm. The would be great.

While understanding the concept of Zen meditation, there have tremendous health benefits such as
Improve your breathing power,
Body, mind, and soul become closer.
The whole body becomes more flexible.
Enhance muscle strength.
The body becomes more balance

While starting take a few deep breaths and feel comfortable, close your hands that fist your thumbs inside your finger, get back of your hand on your knee and then balance your body from left to right three or four times.
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