The best things for for a healthy, wellness and long life.

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The best things for for a healthy, wellness and long life.

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Healthy and long life is a decent long-term process and commitments where knowledge, talent, proactive, good relationship and implementation over your own life can lead a batter healthy and long life. Healthy living, It’s a way of life. Today you got a healthy life and you never know tomorrow what happened. There are healthy living tricks and checklist for practice in every day. Let’s jump on it. There are have some do to list as well.

The daily routine for a healthy and long life:

Doctor and dentist Advice:

Get a doctor and dentist advice over a time period. Moreover, you may consult your specialist doctor or dentist that you ask a question about your own health and then specialist doctor give you a proper guidance.
Measure your body and BMI:

Measure your body height and weight. BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight which applied to adult men and women. You should do it in a particular time period. Measure your waist circumference that you are in overweight if so, you are in a health risk.

Physical activity and exercise:

Getting a better healthy life physical activity is a must. How much physical activity do you get in each day or week? Measure that how intense your activity is? There have lots of variety of exercise level. Predict yourself which on should be comfortable and suitable for your body.

Yoga exercise, bodybuilding gym exercise, walking, running, cycling, swimming and so on aerobic intense activity and exercise. Get the right on for you. Also get advice from a specialist on your particular area.

Write down everyday meal list:

Wake up early in the morning and have drink 500 ml full glass quality water with sliced lemon and mix two spoon honey and drink it. See what happen, it will magically boost your energy in the early morning.

Daily meal habit in period of time
Get fruits at least 4 portions and vegetable in every day.
Give priority to whole grain cereals.
Milk, Honey, Fish, seafood and lean meat with your daily meal.
Eat less food with a high sugar content, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

In the end, it can be said that knowledge, talent, good relation, good behavior and experience program is vital also quality food is quite important for healthy and long life.
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