Recovering from Cardio workouts

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Recovering from Cardio workouts

Post by Ski412 »

Should Ibproferin be used after doing cardio to prevent extreme muscle soreness? I only ask this because I joined a gym for the first time a few months back and they offered me free personal training sessions as a new member. Even though I told them I was new to working out and haven't done anything in years they worked me til i was dizzy and puked. Days later I had to go to the hospital because arms would hurt bad even when they were not moving. I am just being over cautious I suppose and don't want the same thing to happen to me again.
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Re: Recovering from Cardio workouts

Post by Boss Man »

No, there is no need for that.

You can get something about 24-48 hours after training called DOMS, (Delayed onset muscle Soreness), which might be reduced by stretching after the cardio, but whilst Ibuprofen might be useful in alieviating or masking pain that you felt, doing regular cardio and taking Ibuprofen regularly might theoretically create some kind of biological need and if that was possible, it wouldn't be a good thing, as I would assume it might cause some kind of long-term issues, or possibly cause the body to adapt ot Ibuprofen in some way making it less effective when you really needed it.

So I'd suggest unless you're getting something like sharp, shooting or stabing pains, or some kind of noticable twinge, within 24 hours of doing Cardio, then don't use an NSAID, because it's probably not needed.
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Re: Recovering from Cardio workouts

Post by ultimatehlth »

I concur with Boss Man, I would stay away from NSAIDs unless you really need them. Ibuprofen has been proven to delay muscle healing as well as potentially cause GI ulcers. As a personal trainer let me apologize for your experience, who ever trained you is a novice, an idiot or both. A good and experienced trainer always goes the prudent route with a new client.

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Re: Recovering from Cardio workouts

Post by ValidFitness »

A great thing to do for recovery after any workout is to drink a large glass of chocolate milk!" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Recovering from Cardio workouts

Post by toddhicks209 »

Any time you do a workout you're not accustomed to, you're likely to be sore for the next day or two. The key is to start doing your new fitness regimen regularly. You can alleviate your soreness by massaging yourself and taking a break from exercising the next one or two days.
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