Indoor Riding and Cardio Work

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Indoor Riding and Cardio Work

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Hello Everyone,

Looking for a little guidance this winter (hopefully soon to be spring) about indoor (stationary bike) riding and recovery/rest days. For the past four (4) or so years, I have been more of a go go go kind of rider both outdoors and indoors which has turned into some pretty substantial weight loss and lifestyle changes for me. Along with the riding I switched up essentially everything I eat. Enough of that however.

typical indoor rides last approximately an hour and half (maybe longer) and that tallies approximately 35 miles. I typically ride in the 21.5 to 22.5 mph range on the stationary bike. I am generally riding 4-6 days a week with a "off day". This off day is really just a lifting day and a none spinning day. If I am only riding 4 days, that means I am skiing the other 2 and I am ripping through the race course and such on the mountain.

The reason I am asking about recovery and rest is two fold. One is is because I am experiencing more so this winter general soreness and quite a bit of joint pain in both knees and overall tiredness. I can generally push through the pain, but I feel as though while I can work to maintain performance I am opening myself up to potential injury and a reversal in fitness level. The second is, I feel as though I have plateaued with weight loss. I had originally lost 85ish pounds cycling but now i just seem to be maintaining or maybe even put on a few pounds this winter while maintaining regiment. I am unable to simulate consistent trail riding on mountain bike, but I would've thought cranking up stationary would've helped.

Right now, I am 28, but started this crazy method when I was 24. I can say this, when I am out on the trails or riding road, I don't seem to get the same soreness or knee pain. Maybe it's there, but I don't notice it as much. I was beginning to get a bit concerned (obviously I am ignorant enough to keep pushing and not listen to own body) as the soreness and such was beginning to affect sleep. I have been tossing, turning and overall uncomfortable which I am now attributing to overreaching and/or over-training. Everything I have indicated in this thread is why I came here to ask you guys your thoughts and such.

Should I be incorporating another rest day in, should I go with some different timings on rides? riding regiment typically has me riding 8 minutes on 3 different resistance intervals. What else could I incorporate until I can get back outdoors?

Thanks for any help you all can provide.
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Re: Indoor Riding and Cardio Work

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Hi Chris good to talk to you.

Firstly I'd say take the second rest day and don't have two days off at once, keep them separate, so you're not training 5 days straight.

Secondly If you're only doing the 1 day of lifting, I'd make it at least 2, as 1 will not do much where benefiting is concerned and also don't do the lifting on consecutive days. If you're only going to do 2 days at most and you could do 3, then you're looking at at least 2 days in between weights workouts and then you'd have 3 non-lifting days after that again.

The knee pain you're experiencing might be something to do with saddle height, so make sure you're adjusting it properly before you ride.

You might also want to consider certain supplements that may aid knee health.

Vitamin C helps produce collagen for bones skin and teeth.

Chondroitin helps with joint concerns, as does something like MSM

Another product is Cartazyne DS, which I think still exists and is specifically supposed to benefit cartilage from memory.

So you may want to do some research on such things, just ot see if anything interests you.

Also check your form when you lift, because if you're doing things like hyper-extending on squats for example, adjust technique, otherwise you could be encouraging knee issues.

Also you might want to use an interval setting on the exercise bike, that allows for a reasonable amount of steady movement, before cranking up the intensity and speed, so that you're getting the muscles warmed up and the blood flowing adequately before immediately taxing the legs and knee joints with fluctuations to and from higher intensity settings.

You might even want to try a bit of light stretching before and after using an exercise bike.
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