16 Yrs Old, Stationary Bike training and body question

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16 Yrs Old, Stationary Bike training and body question

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Hi, i'm a , 16 yrs old and for the past 3 years i have gotten very little excercise, eaten unhealthy and I am in bad shape.
I tried out jogging but it only made feet/legs hurt so I decided to give cycling a try instead, and I'm not feeling any pain or discomfort in body when doing this activity. :)

butt, thighs and calves are fairly fat compared to upper body which is slim and normal. This makes me feel uncomfortable wearing jeans.
Not really sure whats causing this, perhaps higher dose of estrogen, or is it the primary place for body to store fat? Anyways I really wan't to deal with this and I have absolutely no clue about any of it. I've cut all unhealthy foods, sodas and I am oriented in eating as healthy as possible.

Can cycling somehow make thighs/hips bigger? or will it burn fat in leg area etc?
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Re: 16 Yrs Old, Stationary Bike training and body question

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Hi Dg, good to talk to you.

Cycling could have a minor bulking effect on the legs, if you used a course that had quite a few hilly areas, that promoted quite a bit of resistance, so therefore if that is not your wish, use a flat course.

However as added muscle can promote a better metabolism and help to burn fat, that could also be beneficial, but if the diet isn't right then you could be gaining fat and muscle, which wouldn't help with reshaping your pelvic area.

Also if you under eat on calories, you can get what is called a starvation mode, where the body thinks it's being starved and holds onto fat and you could also reduce your metabolism, if you atrophy some of your muscle mass, as losing muscle would have the opposite potential to gaining muscle and could promote fat gain and under eating on calories could also cause thinning of bones, owing to the potential to malnourish them, with substandard amounts of some or all of the nutrients, directly or indirectly responsible for bone health and recreation.

So ideally, a sedentary adult needs around 2,000 calories a day, but at your age, ti would be around 100-200 a day lower, but allowing for exercise days, you could add another 200-400 back on there, so you'd be aiming for anywhere between 1,800-1,900 on non-training days and 2,000-2,300 on training days.
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