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I have done first week of C25K training this week and this morning at 9:00, I did a 5K. I didn't run the whole 5K but I did walk the whole 5K. I have a lot of speed and endurance. I am thinking of starting second week of C25K training on Monday to give legs a bit of rest from the 5K whether or not I have muscle soreness tomorrow.

But I did notice that at the end of the 5K, back was hurting and it had nothing to do with posture. back was straight the whole time. So if I had any pain, I would expect it to be leg cramps. But no, all I could feel in legs was lactic acid. So why would back be hurting after legs get a whole 1.5 hours of continuous use?
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Re: C25K

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It may be that your back needs some time to adjust to what you were doing.

Perhaps you also developed a slight issue during or before the running that you exaggerated when you were running.
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Re: C25K

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Another thought: Tight lower body muscles (hamstrings, hip flexors, calves) can cause back aches. Some foam rolling and stretching might be helpful.
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