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Re: Weight loss Supplements

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A friend gave me some garcinia cambogia so I thought why not give it a try. In conjunction with following Prevention's Flat Diet I lost 60 lbs in 1 year & have kept it off, using the cambogia the last 4-5 months in 12 week increments. I noticed that I have been majorly less hungry between 400 calorie meals (eating every 4 hours). I think it really made a difference on holidays as far as feeling full after meals. I take the Nature's Science brand 60% HCA-1556 mg/tab 2-3 times per day, routinely before breakfast & early dinner.
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Re: Weight loss Supplements

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Check out AgeForce.com and the Weight Management patch. Simply stick the patch on your arm, wrist, or anywhere that is convenient for 8 hrs. The best time is while you are sleeping. The all natural ingredients will help you achieve you weight loss goals without any jitters.
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