Need Advice With Protein And Creatine

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Need Advice With Protein And Creatine

Post by HaGGard »

I bought whey protein, casein protein and creatine, and I don't know when I should be taking them.

I read that casein protein is ideal before bed as it digests slowly, so thats plan for it.
Whey protein, I am planing on taking before workout, I just dont know how soon before, or if it even matters much.
Creatine, from what I'm reading it doesn't matter when you take it, but I should load up with 20-30g a day for first week.

Is this correct? Also, can I take creatine and whey protein at the same time?
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Re: Need Advice With Protein And Creatine

Post by Boss Man »

Creatine loading should be 4x 5g per day round 4 hours apart, not 30g per day and you don't need to load for longer than 5-7 days.

Casein will work best before bed yes and in the case of whey you can stack the creatine with it and if you want to take both before a workout you can, but remember to neck the diluted mix as soon as possible, as the creatine converts to creatinine within around 15 minutes from memory and that conversion occurs in the gut too, not just before consuming as some people in the past have thought. It can still convert in your gut.

If you want to vary the consumption of such things you have options.

A: protein before workouts, creatine afterwards, or vice versa.

B: protein 50% before and 50% after, with either 50% creatine before and after or 100% creatine before or after

C: creatine 50% before, 50% after and then 100% protein before or after.

Remember after loading on creatine, to take no more than 5-10g on a maintenance and if you use 10g, go for 2x 5g doses, one after workouts and the other 6+ hours afterwards, but if you workout in the evening, have the second dose in the morning.

You might want to go for a full 3 months on 1 month off, but many typically go 2 months on, but the minimum would be 3 weeks on, 1 off.

Hopefully that all makes sense :).
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