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Cytosport Gainer

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Hi there! I started working out recently with the goal of packing on a good amount of muscle. I've always been a pretty lean guy, but in the past year I'd gotten really lazy with diet/working out and had since added on a little bit of chub around the edges. I've been working out for about a month & a half now, and in that time I've worked off most of gooier bits through body weight exercises and cardio and such; I got a gym membership about a week ago and have been working out there every other day. Yesterday, I picked up a 6 lb container of Cytosport Gainer, to help me add muscle mass faster. When I purchased it, the guy at the shop was talking about using it twice a day, daily. I've got a buddy who's big into fitness who's been helping me through working out and such, and he's told me it's better to work out every other day, to give muscles more time to repair. question is, since I'm now taking this added protein supplement, would it be more beneficial for me to start working out daily as opposed to every other day? And should I be using it twice daily as well? Any thoughts/help would be appreciated. :mrgreen:
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Re: Cytosport Gainer

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According to their nutritional statements you're supposed to have 3 servings a day, which would equate to 1,710 calories.

Now I personally feel you wouldn't need to do this. You'd only need a serving after a workout and if you wanted maybe 1/2 a serving, (2 scoops), before bed and maybe 1/4 serving, (1 scoop), with breakfast if you wanted, but the latter two options are optional as you could just stick with the post-workout serving.

They may reccomend 3 servings a day, but that could be a ploy to get you to use more and therefore buy it more frequently, but to reccomend something it must be because it's a better option than the alternatives, the alternatives being 1 serving a day, 2 servings a day, or food and I think it would be more prudent stick to using food as an alternative for the other 2 servings, unless you were thinking of using more of the product in the sort of ways I suggested, as their reccomendation to me doesn't hold any water and therefore should be considered as an option deemed at the users discretion and not as a bone fide, optimal product performance method.

You have different options when you work out and these are all good ways you cna train during the week.

A: a 3 day split, comprising of full body workouts replicated every other day, 3x a week.

B: a 3 day split with bodypart combinations, I.E. leg / biceps, chest / triceps, back / shoulders.

C: a 4 day split consisting of an upper body and a lower body routine, both routines performed 2x a week.

D: a 5 day split which might go something like this; legs, chest, back, day off, shoulders, biceps / triceps, day off.
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