B12 & Fiber Vitamin Questions

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B12 & Fiber Vitamin Questions

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I have recently discovered that I do not have enough fiber in diet. I have started adding fiber with cereal that includes 9g of fiber. I am looking at adding gummy fiber vitamins, which contain about 5g of fiber. From what I understand women should intake around 25g of fiber a day. Does anyone take gummy fiber vitamins? Are they a good source of fiber? What are some of the downfalls?

I also have a question about B-12 Vitamins. I have low energy levels, although I work out for 65 minutes a day, 30 on elliptical and 35 on treadmill, I have a good healthy diet. However I do have a desk job. Is B-12 vitamins associated with weight loss and would taking a chewy B-12 vitamin be beneficial in having higher energy levels? Would there be any side effects?

Would taking both B-12 vitamins and fiber vitamins cause any interaction?
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Re: B12 & Fiber Vitamin Questions

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Taking the supplements together shouldn't be a problem.

B12, (cyanocobalamin), or cobalamin for short, is associated with Calcium metabolism, which would be useful for preservation of good bone density and reduction of osteopenia incidence, (thinning bones).

You could also do some research into psyllium and psyllium husk supplements, as although I don't know the exact difference, they relate to insoluable fibre intake and therefore would be the sort of thing that fit in with you're asking about.

I'm not sure about any connection to weight loss with B-12 however, but B-12 supplements are reccomended for vegans owing to the purported lack of B-12 content, in many of the food choices vegans make.

You can also buy a complete b-vit supplement; it's often, or maybe in all cases, referred to as b-complex, which might be of use to you although from memory I think B3, (niacin), is the one that turns your pee a funny shade of yellow, so you'd have to be prepared for that if you took such a supplement.

I'd be concerned about the cardio, as I think you're overdoing it. I'd suggest limiting it to 5 days a week, with say 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off and limit ot around 35-45 minutes a day, but you ould chop and change the two styles you currently do without having to drop one of them, but if you overdo it on the cardio, there's a possibility with the associated diet intake you could burn a bit of muscle, which could lead to weight gain and your body might go into starvation mode, dissallowing some weight loss and you might cause possible issues with sleep and immune function.

What you could od is perhaps substitute the reduced cardio for weight lifting and go for 20-30 minutes of cardio either later in the day or after a weight lifting session.

I'd suggest if you do that, to go for 3 sesion of all over work and then limit the cardio to 2-3 sessions a week, but that's just another option.

The main things you discussed I've hopefully given some clarity on :).

If there is anything else, anything at all you want to ask or want to say to others, don't hesitate to come back again and whatever happens GOOD LUCK, chin up, be strong and most of all be proud of yourself for caring about you, because you ARE worth it :).
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