Prohormones are Worthless

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Prohormones are Worthless

Post by Kevsworld »

A few days ago I wrote an article about the "supplements" known as prohormones. I reminisced about all the stupid things I tried back in the 90's when these "new" supplements first went mainstream. As you can guess by the title, I am not impressed by them at all. Most of them are banned now, but I still see different types of prohormones being advertised on forums, etc.

You can check out article to see why I don't recommend them:
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Re: Prohormones are Worthless

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The advertising for some is pure rubbish.

Like that one a few years ago for new 4-ad, with a free sample of something I forget the exact but I think it was called Arom-x.

The special offer was designed to get you to want the Arom-x, supposedly as it boosted the performance, but also it was free to begin with, so presumably everyone would want some free stuff, but realistically it could be that if people paid 50% of the normal price some might use it some might not, then if people using 4-AD without Arom-x get the same results as people who did, the people who used it would feel pissy about that.

Also they said another unnamed company were making some, but hadn't said they would definitely make any more. News flash, neither would you if you didn't sell enough and then used fear tactics effectively saying get it now before it gets banned.

There were people on website who read this, acting like it was the best thing since sliced bread. Good grief, some people are irrational / illogical.
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