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Smoking Guns Pre Workout

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Here is review for this new pre workout:
I've grown tired of the preworkouts that gave me that, for lack of better words, "cracked out feeling". Not to mention that some of these heavy stim preworkouts are terrible for your health. So I started researching and came across Smoking Guns.

Taste: I had the bullet punch flavor and it was great! No weird taste or aftertaste and I actually enjoyed drinking it.

Mixability: I am always on the go. I need to throw a scoop in a shaker cup in the morning, and then after work I add water, quick shake, and down it. Other preworkouts that I tried clump up and I have to refill shaker cup again. Smoking Guns mixes perfectly with no residue after drinking it.

Energy and focus effects: Within 15 minutes I felt it, it is not the strong jittery crazy feeling, but rather a smooth oncoming of energy and focus. The energy lasts entire workout and gives me a huge improvement in general well-being. Ever take a preworkout and get angry and anxious? Well you won't have that with this one. The focus, clarity and mind-muscle connection I get is bar-none. I didn't want to leave the gym. Even after I got home from the gym I was motivated to get more work done. Despite this energy, when it came time to go to sleep I didn't have a problem. I contribute this to the how the formula is designed.

Pump: Pump is amazing with this! The citrulline, coconut water, beet root power combo works wonders without giving you muscle cramps. Don't take word for it, try it and take some before and after pics. (thats what I did lol).

Performance and Endurance: I am currently in a higher rep/lower weight block in training program. Believe it or not, these type of workouts exhaust me more than heavy lifting phase. I definitely feel that I can push out a few extra reps when I take this. To me this proves that the beta-alanine is properly dosed and it shows.

Overall, if you're looking for a great preworkout which no BS ingredients then you should really check this out! I do not see myself changing preworkout supp for a long time! Kudos to Caliber Nutrition for delivering a real product!

Happy gains to all! ... rkout.html
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Re: Smoking Guns Pre Workout

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I'd say avoid.

They have two complexes listed in the ingredients list, but like with proprietary blends, they legally do not have to, nor can be bothered to tell you, the individual amounts of all the ingredients in those complexes.

This means some ingredients may be added in poor amounts, whilst the price-point ends up looking like some ingredients are there in goodly amounts; I:E: putting meagre amounts of the more expensive ingredients in, bulking the product up with more of the cheaper stuff, but pricing it like there's more expensive ingredient content in it.

As you then can't verify the exact amounts of these ingredients, you cannot do your own research to ascertain value for money, or complete quality, as some of those ingredients won't show obvious effects good or bad, so you get the effects purported by the manufacturer and trust the product is legit and not made in a sneaky manner when it might be.

However their ingredient quantity's in the complexes might be in line with optimal amounts and the product might be priced fairly at point of sale, but then in that case why not disclose what you're entitled to disclose and make that obvious, otherwise the lack of disclosure would then seem suspicious wouldn't it?

Their lack of permissible transparency has irked me and it is a big black mark against them.
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