Natural supplements?

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Natural supplements?

Post by Ashy123 »

Hey guys,

I'm currently looking for some more "plant based" supplements to add to diet. I've been doing a lot of research on synthetic vitamins and how they are absorbed by the body and I guess I would just prefer to know exactly what I'm taking... Should I talk to a naturopath? Any recommendations or suggestions would be welcomed!
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Re: Natural supplements?

Post by Boss Man »

Hi Ashy, good to talk to you.

In what respect(s) are you looking to take the supplements?
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Re: Natural supplements?

Post by Bodyman1991 »

Check out AgeForce. We use all natural supplements for any of your health and fitness needs. You don’t have to be a hardcore weightlifter or anything like that. The products help with everyday health.
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Re: Natural supplements?

Post by tbeardy »

Hi all,

I recently started taking the Weight Loss Patch and I lost 3 lbs (along with diet and exercise) in one week. I think this is an easy thing to try and it seems to be helping.

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