anxite and gym

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anxite and gym

Post by fredmoore »

Hi, everybody.
I need your help.
I have been struggling with an anxiety disorder for 5 years. So I need to take some drugs to treat it. I attended yoga before, but now I decided to train in a gym. Also, I want to start taking some supplements to gain weight. I don't worry about proteins or something like that. It's ok. But what about pre-workout supplements. I'm afraid this may trigger a panic attack. How do those supplements interact with sedative drugs? I found something on Addiction Resource, but it isn't enough. Should I take it to increase energy before training, or will it be dangerous for me?
I haven't found any proper info on this topic, so I hope that you'll help me with this question.
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Re: anxite and gym

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Hi Fred, good to talk to you.

I would avoid those pre-workout products; you don't need them.
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