Hey I have a question about the SuperPump250.

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Hey I have a question about the SuperPump250.

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Hey I have a question about the SuperPump250. Ok I’m looking to lose some weight and at the same time get stronger and more cut. So question is with superpump250 having Creatine in it will this make me gain weight? If so what would you recommend for me to take to have more energy and get the results I’m looking for or close to them? I am at 224lb and would like to get to 190lb as quick as possible without losing mass or muscle. :? thanks for the help.[/b]
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Dude you asked this some days ago. I know you didn't get an answer, but that can happen if you ask about something, most pople have probably never used and / or heard of.

To make a point about Creatine, Creatine often makes you retain water, so I'd say it's pretty weak as a cutter.
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Re: Hey I have a question about the SuperPump250.

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I saw this one already... And I can say again don't buy this... a lot off people say it have a lot of negative effects and problems with stomach.... :( :( :( :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: Hey I have a question about the SuperPump250.

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Not all creatine forces you to retain water. That is not to say that SuperPump250 is a good product for you but do not just assume a product it bad for cutting based on general assumptions of the ingredients. Provided your fitness goals I would suggest a product containing little no creatine MONOhydrate but anything with creatine hcl or even ethylester would be fine for you. Focus on finding something that utilizes the right blend of nitric oxide boosters ( i suggest aakg) and neurotransmitters so that you can get the most out of your pre work out. suggestions are as follow...

Magnum OPUS
Juggernaut HP (has di creatine malate with malic acid which decreases the toxicity of creatine and reduces water retention)
SNI NitricShock

I think these would be great options for you and remember that Gaspari did reformulate SuperPump and it is now available as SuperPump300
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