Pre-workout supplement gone bad!

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Re: Pre-workout supplement gone bad!

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I have also experienced sluggishness while on creatine. It didnt do any good to me as exercises are getting tougher day by day. I believed On's to be very popular here still I moved towards a way healthier and heavy breakfast. But nothing much of a gain. can anyone tell me if I am doing all wrong. should i be on BCAA or not ? please help. :(
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Re: Pre-workout supplement gone bad!

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Hi Donna good to talk to you.

You cna use a BCAA supplement if you want but it is not necessary it depends on your ogals.

Personallly it helps to get your diet on track, whether you're looking to lose weight, bulk or train for stamina, but supplements can have their place I feel, depending on what they are, but it's better to have the diet down and then start getting results before using any supplements, connected to physical training and by that I don't mean things like fish oil, Vt C, zinc pills, echinacea, etc, but things like Creatine, HMB, protein powders, BCAA, NO2, etc.
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