Need Guidance (i am new)

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Need Guidance (i am new)

Post by ayushsoni007 »

i am a 17 year old you
never exercise before
i mean m fully new
i just want to ask some basic exercise which will not affect growth
many people says growth of height stop bcoz of exercise

i just want some basic exercise & plz also tell me exercise which will make me tall (help me in increasing height)
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Re: Need Guidance (i am new)

Post by Boss Man »

Hello Ayushsoni, good to talk to you.

Exercise should not affect growth unless the growth plates fuse or you get serious injuries, but for the growth plates to fuse you'd need to be lifting too heavily for your age anyway.

Height will be unlikely to increase due to exercise anyway, as height is largely affected by things like testosterone, growth hormone levels and diet.

In relation to training, do you have access to a gym or would be wanting to train at home?
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