Pains in Feet

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Pains in Feet

Post by Ro23 »

Hi, I have recently started to get back into working out and running again, and have been struggling with pains in feet ever since. The pains are across the top of foot and ankle on one foot and towards the outside of the sole of other foot. I have been trying to ignore it and to keep working out because I am determined to lose weight but it really is very sore, and it is making the exercise more difficult to do. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to ease these pains?
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Re: Pains in Feet

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Hi Ro, good to speak with you

There are things that can help like orthotics and another one is making sure that you have the right footwear to run in.

You will probably either have one of the following three styles.

A: supinated where the ankle rolls outwards.

B: pronated, where the ankle rolls inwards

C: neutral.

So you may be getting these pains in relation to the wrong footwear and possibly if you're tying them up too tightly as well.

These may be worthwhile suggestions, but if nothing changes you might want to see a doctor or even an orthopedic specialist, or a podiatrist.
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Re: Pains in Feet

Post by toddhicks209 »

Take a break from running and consider walking. If walking is too painful for your feet, try other aerobic exercises that shouldn't bother your feet such as swimming and cycling.
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