No Weight Loss

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No Weight Loss

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I know crossfit is not necesarily a weight loss plan but I am concerned that I am 5'8 197 pnd female and I have been doing crossfit for a month 5 times a week and not one pound weight loss. diet is not perfect because I do eat chocolate cookies a few times a week. About a handful of them. Other than that diet is great and the best it has been in life. I started crossfit cutting back on the caloric intake but I could not finish the workouts feeling dizzy and muscles shaking. So trainer told me I needed to eat betweek 15 to 18 hundred cals. So I cant get this weight off. I have lost some inches but nothing significant. HELP HELP

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Re: No Weight Loss

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Hi Vitemp good to speak to you.

Have you considered that some of the weight loss might be counteracted by muscle gain, which would give you a better muscle to fat ratio but would give the impression you are not losing weight.

1,500 calories a day is a bit low, I'd suggest you go for around 1,800 on non-workout days and 2,000 on workout days.

Also you may well be doing crossfit too much. I'd suggest trying to do it 3 times a week on alternate days and see how that works out.
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