Complete biceps guide|Get 18 inches guns

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Complete biceps guide|Get 18 inches guns

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Biceps is the most visible muscle in upper body that looks very attractive and makes you an attractive .AT the same time this is the muscle group many people are lagging behind.
In this article I will highlight the mistakes,and pass on the suggestions to boost your biceps gains.

FIRST ,let us understand biceps anatomy:
Bicep is not a single muscle,instead it is composed of two muscles group:-


1:-BRACHIALIS (brachialis anticus):-The brachialis muscle of bicep originates from anterior surface(insertion point of deltoid muscle) of humerus and inserts into ulna.It is the major muscle group involve in elbow flexion as it generates 50% more power (as compared to brachii muscle) in flexing elbow.Even a small contraction in the muscle can flex your elbow to a very large extent. Muscular brachial arteries feeds brachialis muscle by supplying blood to it. Lying above brachoradialis this muscle is visible from side angle posture.The muscle is longer as compared to brachii muscle of your biceps,and it is the main muscle that makes your bicep look wide( from side angle posture). The muscle is mainly composed of fast twitch muscle fibers.
FAST TWITCH Muscle fibers :-These are white muscle fibers that contains most skeletal muscle fibers , those contract in less than 1 milliseconds.these fibers are large in diameter and contain densely packed myofibrils.

They have large glycogen reserves and produce powerful contractions .Hence they are useful for Heavy and fast actions.

They fatigue rapidly as compared to slow twitch muscle fibers.
REP RANGE TO TARGET THESE FIBERS:- 5-10 reps with heavy weights with 90 seconds rest in between sets.

2:-BRACHI:-It is that muscle for which bicep is known for. The bicep brachii muscle lies between shoulder and elbow and is the most visible part of bicep.Originating from scapula the bicep brachii is composed of two muscles-(LONG HEAD and SHORT HEAD) that are attached to forearms.The main function of brachii muscle is to supinates forearm brachioradialis muscle and works in elbow flexion too.This muscle mainly works in supinating bicep and and hence a contraction is visible that most bodybuilders demands for(bicep peak).The muscle is feeded by musculocutaneous nerve that supplies blood to it.
Long head brachii and short head brachii.

Long head:-outer peak of your bicep, visible from sides. above brachialis muscle.

Short head:-inner peak of your bicep ,visible from inside .(smallest muscle in bicep.)develop inner sweep of bicep muscle.

Brachii muscle is composed as 70% slow twitch and 30% fast twitch muscle fibers so to gain mass on it, it is supposed to train accordingly.

SLOW TWITCH MUSCLE FIBERS.:-Just opposite of fast twitch these muscle fibers uses oxygen for fuel,provides continuous energy,has high endurance and burn slowly.(REP range to target these fibers:-12-30 reps with light weights ,and a rest of 30-60 seconds in between the sets.)

With this much discussion it is clear that bicep is composed of two different muscle fibers and its main function involves elbow flexion, hence with respect to bodybuilding its 50% visible that to gain mass how we should train them..

MISTAKES while training biceps:

1-Lack of knowledge:-people don’t know which exercise trains which part ?,

While training your biceps you should be knowing which muscle part is under tension and whether you are training your slow twitch or fast twitch fibers.When it comes to biceps people generally do either biceps curls dumbbells curls and other variation instead of knowing whether they are training overall biceps or single part.

Now you should have proper knowledge( as discussed later in this article) of performing exercises and hit the overall biceps for its growth.

2-Lack of intensity:-When it comes to biceps ,people generally don’t put much intensity as they put in their back day,or leg day etc. Usually they train their biceps as secondary muscle after their back day or so on.Believe me its not the way you will get those 18 inches hard toned biceps.

As a small muscle with slow twitch and fast twitch fibers combination ,bicep muscle hit the plateaus in very less time,To break those same plateaus you must shock all the three muscles of your biceps differently, taking care of muscle fibers you are training.(training discussed later)

3- Lack of nutrition-Make sure you are providing yourself proper nutrition. Nutrition means right food (protein rich),in post and pre workout meals,those meals are the main decider of the game.

REP RANGE:-AS I told you bicep is made of 60% slow and 40% fast twitch muscle fibers,to hit both the muscle fibers in your biceps,USE THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES.

1-For any exercise (mentioned below) perform initial 3 sets with light weight that could give you 20-25 reps in one set. This will target your slow twitch muscle fibers actively and make them sore.

2- For any exercise (mentioned below) perform 3 sets with the heaviest weight as possible(don’t chase form much here) with 5-8 rep range, you gonna hit your brachialis or fast twitch fibers of your bicep muscle.

Top 4 Exercise and ways to perform them.

1:- OLD SCHOOL BARBELL/ DUMBBELL CURL: Wrist and elbow placement is the decider of this exercise. This is the most common exercise performed in the gym but its not as easy as it looks. Understanding the anatomy of this exercise can help you to gain your desired results in no time.

Now here is the guide.While performing this exercise you can hit your Brachii muscle most effectively than any other exercise could,

TO HIT BRACHII long head :- Place your elbow inwards with wrist placed outwards(wide), The long head will get activated and 70% pressure will be upon long head.

Now to hit short head you have to place your hand right below your shoulders width,to activate short head of your bicep. Do not forget to rotate your pinkies(fingers in dumbbell curls) at the peak contraction.

2:-E-Z barbell curl- To focus your brachialis muscle you need to include E-Z barbell curl as compulsion, and perform 6-8 high intensity,high speed and high volume curls(as brachialis is mainly composed of fast twitch muscle fibers.).

3- HAMMER concentration curls- The best exercise for your total arms,REMEMBER your body always want to remain in proportion that means your bicep will grow in proportion to your forearms.Hence don’t neglect your forearms too,Work on them with hammer curls(15-20 reps/as it hits slow twitch muscle fibers of your forearms).ALSO perform heavy weight high volume hammer curls to hit brachialis (mainly fast twitch) muscle of your bicep.

4-Grip AND eccentric movements- Make sure your grip is pretty strong, Gripping well works many internal and connective muscles of your forearms, that makes you to hit the target muscle well and establish a healthy mind and muscle connection.

With proper grip ,also focus on your eccentric movements ,they helps in lengthening the bicep muscles and put a constant tension upon your bicep muscle ,hence breaking those muscle fibers and forcing them to grow.

Many lifters get their bicep tore during heavy deadlifts this is also because of the fact that they don’t focus much on their eccentric movements, which affects their bicep muscle fibers order/proportion and leads to injury .

Thanks ,and all the best.
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Re: Complete biceps guide|Get 18 inches guns

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good article
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Re: Complete biceps guide|Get 18 inches guns

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Well if the article is that good, I assume you would be kind enough to tell the readers how part of the bicep muscle connects to the "ulna", as was stated in the article, because I will await with great interest your explanation, considering I know where the "styloid process of the ulna" is located in the body and if you do, your explanation for how the bicep is attached to it with a connecting tendon should be very informative.
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Re: Complete biceps guide|Get 18 inches guns

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I can only thank you for such useful information.
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