Favorite "full body" workouts for those with limited time

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Bad Gaskets
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Favorite "full body" workouts for those with limited time

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Good day all,

I'm 43, I work 10 hour shifts, have 4 kids, wife, and elderly mother at home, along with being the home/auto repair guy. Suffice it to say that an exercise routine is packing the day tight.

I also have pretty severe hyperhydrosis, exercising out in our crazy heat can get dangerous for me quite quickly, so I tend to exercise indoors with ALL THE FANS blowing on me.

I have a very good elliptical and I do 1 hour sessions, 4-5x/week, and I intentionally target fatigue as many muscles as I can including upper body. I use maximum resistance for most sessions. Avg heart rate stays around 135-145 and I do these as moderate intervals.

main question..... Can you suggest something beyond elliptical that hits several major core and upper body muscles? goal is HEALTH, not necessarily maximal muscle gain or maximum endurance numbers.

I need to be able to make every minute count. Kettlebells? Dual action bikes? Rower? Skierg? What's going to help do a solid core/shoulder/arm workout to compliment the leg burn I get on the Elliptical?

I don't mind buying another machine as long as it will compliment the Elliptical rather than be redundant.

I'll be incorporating actual HIIT slowly, because when I have done them in years past, I've had some rather spectacular crashes from failing to recover enough. I'm currently getting better results from moderate intervals simply because I recover far quicker and can repeat the workout safely, sooner (next day).
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Boss Man
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Re: Favorite "full body" workouts for those with limited time

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Hi Bad Geskets, good to talk to you.

Ketlebells would be a very good option, because you can have several ways to get a workout from them, such as squats, kettlebell swings, bicep curls, side lateral raises etc.
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