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New Forum Section

Post by Sjm1027 »

I would like to see an On Maintenance section devoted to people that have lost weight and how they are managing to keep the weight off.
I have lost 200 pounds and at times have had a hard time doing so.
Also in this section we could cover the problems and the great things we have gone through with our new bodies.
There are goods and bads... most good. :)

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Re: New Forum Section

Post by Boss Man »

Nice idea; but the only thing I could see with that is, is that people could just use the journal area to keep a journal, that documented what they do after they lose weight and how they continue to do it, but there is also a risk it would become boring for some people to do, because it might end up with some people posting the same meals and then telling people each week that they were still 120lbs, so it might not get many participants.

However there is the possibility, that the activity for a section like that could be quite good and I feel it is worth consideration :).
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Re: New Forum Section

Post by bennyb84 »

Want to see a history section where people can learn from old school methods and how they can applied in the modern era. I have a few places to research if anyone wants to message me.
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