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Ok, so I have found some answers to helping cellulite. It isn't just because we are fat, although what we eat affects cellulite, and fatter folks tend to eat unhealthy. Cellulite is actually a type of skin condition, so massaging, exfoliating, and moisturizing really does help. Other people on here have said to use a soft body brush and exfoliate areas prone to cellulite. I already do that because I have a dry skin condition and it helps that. It works on cellulite too.
Secondly, giving yourself a good rub down with an anti-cellulite cream helps shrink the fat cells and repair damage from where skin band thingys separate and stop holding you in nice and tight. Or something like that. Anyway, get one with caffeine in it. Herbal complexes are helpful as well. I am a cheapskate, so I am not about to pay the price for most of those creams and fancy massagers. The best affordable anti-cellulite cream I have found is Skinny Tone from GNC.com. I just bought 2 more tubes yesterday. It is about $12.99, I think, but not a big tube. You will definately want to get out the kitchen scissors and cut that tube open when it is empty to scrape out every precious drop of miracle goo. I tan because of another skin condition, and I have found that if I apply the Skinny Tone after a nice hot shower, then go to the tanning salon and apply fav tanning lotion--it somehow seems to amplify the affect on cellulite.
Finally, diet affects cellulite, so you must drink, drink, drink, drink, and DRINK water. It helps keep skin hydrated and flush out fat cells. Raw fruits and veggies like celery and melon are a good idea too. Certain other foods can make fat cells swell. One of the main culprits is diet soda. (sigh) just another reason I will have to stop drinking the stuff :( It is zero calorie and so good on a hot day, but I have read diet soda increases cellulite, free radicals, and worsens symptoms of pms. Yikes.
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Re: Cellulite

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This stuff sounds too good to be true, glad it's working for you. Diet Soda is bad for cellulite? Had no idea!
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