The Purpose Of This Forum

Shoddy health products, poor health websites and service, terrible products on the market? Name and shame them here,

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The Purpose Of This Forum

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The aim of this forum is for members to air grievances about health related products and services.

Have you had poor customer service from sellers?

Do you just dislike certain websites or shops for their practices?

Do you dislike certain products.

Did you contact the companies or the site owners and if so what happened?

Have you ever petitioned a health related company and if so what happened?

Have you had bad experiences from a product?

If so then tell us about it.

This is your chance to name and shame people, companies and products in the health industry, that you think or know are not behaving as they should, or are just downright terrible.

Remember this is not a place to post defammatory or libellous comments, so please be careful when making claims or assertions against anyone or anything.

Thank you :).
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