How to stay healthy when exercising outside?

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How to stay healthy when exercising outside?

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I walk to school everyday in temperatures below 15 degrees F. Walking is one of main sources of exercise along with some HIIT and cardio. Anyways, I try to wear as much as possible. 2 layers, scarf, hat, and very warm gloves. I should also note that I do some cardio before walking to school. So the problem is that when I get to school, I feel shocked and tired. So for the first couple of hours it's difficult for me to focus. I still want to walk to school, I was just curious if there are any ways (besides clothes) to keep myself more warm and not be as miserable when I get to the building. Thanks!
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Re: How to stay healthy when exercising outside?

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Hi Gibbyz, good to speak to you.

Two ways to stay warmer on your way to school.

1. Eat a good breakfast, which could include something like a glass of hot orange and something warm to eat like eggs on toast as an example.

2. Walk faster, to get the blood circulating more quickly.
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