Amino Tab 6000 or Whey Protein

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Amino Tab 6000 or Whey Protein

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Newbie here! I would like to get some tips from you guys that are experienced in this kind of situation (English is not native language so sorry for bad english :D ).

I am thinking over and over which one should I take, amino or whey? Here is the details of me:

23 years old
Height: 5 feet and 4 inches
Weight: 75 Kilos
Too much fat on both side of chest. (I don't know if these are man boobs, but yeah.)

What I am doing right now for 2 weeks is jogging, walking and diet. And I drink green tea 3x a day. Not working out like going to the gym but I am planning to go to the gym, that is why I would like to here from you guys which one should I take. 8 months ago I already go to the gym like for 5 months and I lose weight which is 10 kilos and I'm taking Amino Tab 2222. But now I really want to lose again some weight and to have a body with shape (not bulky) just like a shaped body with abs, cuts, something like sexy if you are a man. Because I look chubby right now and I can't wear old jeans and clothes.

Hoping to hear from you guys. Thanks in advance for the tips and help. :)

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Re: Amino Tab 6000 or Whey Protein

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Well you do have choices.

You can take a protein powder, either concentrate, isolate or hydrolysate, but you also have soy based ones casein and plant matter based ones too, but don't choose a casein one as casein is twice as many calories per gram and you want one that digests pretty quickly.

You don't need ones with a load of ingredients and "proprietary blends", as they're expensive and not necessary, but make sure you powder comes with carbs in it, as carbs help to work alongside the protein intake.

As for post-workout absorption use water not milk, as milk thickens up shakes, adds more calories, adds more casein and because of the lactose, you need lactase enzymes to breakdown the galactose part of the lactose disaccharide, so you just increase enzyme competition.

Taste wise apart from the ratio of power to water, if you have taste issues then experiment with things like vanilla essence, cinnamon, ground nutmeg, ground ginger, honey and mocha powder, to adjust the taste.

If you want to go down the amino acid route, you can, but in order to get some carbs, I'd try stacking them with something like a maltodextrin powder, as carbs will help to elevate blood sugar and stimulate more muscle glycogen stores, not least from conversion of the glucose to it's stored counterpart, but because around 40% of protein intake becomes glycogen I believe, but again use the other things I mentioned if your maltodextrin powder or glucose powder tastes a bit odd.

Hopefully that helps.
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