Need advice on how to aches and pains and get back into fitness

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Need advice on how to aches and pains and get back into fitness

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Years ago, I was diagnosed with bursitis in right knee, and one of the exercises I was recommended to do in particular was to foam roll ITB. I'm not sure if the foam roll I have at home is too thick because I found this really difficult to use and gave up.

Since then, I have had a trapped nerve in back. A sports therapist said it was due to the 3rd and 4th bone in spine sticking together. He never resolved the issue so I went to an osteopath who noticed that I had a weakness on one side of back, which was causing right arm to not sit by side like left (not sure which side is weak - do you know?). When I get massages, they also point out this big knot I have on left shoulder blade. The osteopath also told me that the burning sensation I was feeling in the side of lower legs was due to this imbalance making foot flat, stretching the front muscle and that I should invest in some insoles.

Now, I have put on 2 stone on top of the 3 stone I didn't want, I often get clicking in right hip and more recently I have started to experience pain and twinges in other knee. The pain of this all puts me off exercise, so I think it's first hurdle to losing weight.
So, I'm wondering:

1) Are these issues all related?
2) If so, should I roll ITB, which should bursitis, if it's still there?
3) If so, should I roll AT muscle and relieve shin splints, which the insoles have already helped with massively?
4) Would rolling these muscles then cure the hip clicking?
5) Do you think the new knee pain is related to weight gain?
6) Any other advice? Should I see any specialists? Find back exercises from YouTube? etc.

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated :)
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Re: Need advice on how to aches and pains and get back into fitness

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Hi Lauw, good to talk to you.

I think some of the new issues you have are connected to the weight problem you have been experiencing, so that would be the first thing to tackle, but I would also suggest continuing with the foam roller for a good few weeks yet and see if it works, or perhaps do research into foam rollers that might be a little more to your liking.

What times do you eat at and what foods do you eat at those times?
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