increase muscle mass

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increase muscle mass

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Hi! first post... So I'll be 55 in a few weeks and I have exercised all of life. Longest break was during recovery from having babies. diet is good and weight has been stable since teens, just the shape has changed. question: am I too old to increase muscle mass? orthopedic surgeon says that I cannot but the goal should be to maintain what I have. She is recommending lower weights with higher slower reps to keep from injuring re-joints. That's really boring although I tried it.

So I joined a new gym with awesome fitness classes that combine weights and cardio. 4 months later, I'm feeling great but recently had to take a break for 2 weeks due to an eye issue, so I schlepped to the old gym for just weights which was allowed by eye doc. I noticed I'm A LOT stronger than I was! 25-30% actually. And I have no soreness the next day. I'm bored to tears again but it's only for a few weeks.

Did I add muscle? I weigh the same, clothes fit the same. I am eating a little more but not that much, I added an apple an hour before the fitness workouts and an extra serving of veggies at lunch. I don't need these with just the weight workouts these 2 weeks.

I am trying to understand what is working and why?
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Re: increase muscle mass

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Hi Kat good to talk to you.

Well if someone lost a bit of fat weight, they could possibly lift a little more as they would have a better power to weight ratio, but then that would potentially indicative of a small amount of weight loss, relative to any muscle gain.

You sound like someone who has gained muscle, so what you were doing clearly works and I'd keep doing it, when you're free to start again in earnest.
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