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Compact Treadmills

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Hello all,
I"m new to the forum, but have been involved in fitness for most of adult life. With the recent pandemic I"m hesitant to head to the gym. I have a small apartment so not much space to workout at home. I"m looking at getting a treadmill that folds down, to save on space. There are several "compact treadmills" but they don't really fold down all that much. I did find this site targeted for women, but I don't care -> ... r-running/
These are the size of treadmills that I'm looking for but don't know if they're of the highest quality. Anyone have any tips or using any of these.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Compact Treadmills

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Hi there Cpalmer, good to talk to you.

Well one thing I would suggest is ease yourself in with some steady state for about a month, but then switch to something like interval training, because steady state has been known to lose efficacy for some people, when done repetatively 4-6 days a week, as the body sometimes adapts to it so it doesn't work as well.

interval allows the heart ate to fluctuate throughout a treadmill session, because of the varying of things like speed and incline, meaning the heart rate cannot remain at a constant BPM through the session.
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