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The idea of doing a body cleanse is appealing to most people. However, they usually don’t want to go the starvation route which usually means a strict “liquid only” diet for a certain number of days. Some people try different supplements and teas which are added to their normal diet as part of a cleanse. This type of cleanse is fine but it’s important to point out that you can cleanse your body with moderate solids even over a 2-4 week period.

I highly suggest you start weaning off caffeine and other stimulants like nicotine before you start any cleanse because you don’t want any of these powerful stimulants in your body. You will probably experience headaches from the caffeine withdrawal but hang in there since it will be well worth the effort and will allow you to get the most out of your cleanse.

Raw foods are the best way to go while on a cleanse but steamed foods and soups are also an excellent way to purify your body without having to limit yourself to liquids only or make the decision to avoid food altogether. My suggestion for a raw food cleanse would be to work in juicing along with the meals.

Breakfast should consist of a juice made from items such as dandelion, parsley, romaine lettuce, strawberry, orange, grapefruit and coconut. If you have spirulina then you will want to add this in as well.

Lunch can be a raw salad with mixed bitter greens, blueberries, some nuts and seeds, balsamic vinegar and Udo’s oil for essential fatty acids. I would avoid the use of heavy spices and focus on cleansing foods like garlic and different types of peppers.

Snacks between meals can be a small cup of minestrone style soup made with vegan ingredients that contain zero starches or tubers. Any type of veggies can be finely chopped into very small pieces and you want to include parsley, garlic, cloves, cilantro, spinach, tomato, chili peppers, mustard greens and limes. Avoid carrots, peas and other starchy choices. Go crazy with fresh herbs such as rosemary, bay leaves, basil, oregano, sage and celery leaves. Since these foods are very liquid, you can have as much as you like and can also use these for meals.

Dinner will be similar to lunch but with the exception of adding a small amount of feta, dry cottage cheese, goat cheese or yogurt to your meal for some good bacteria which will help in the overall cleanse. In addition, take 1-2 tablespoons of psyllium each day.

Water will consist of 2-4 liters per day and it’s very essential to the process not only for the flush but also to help release the toxins without the nausea or dizzy side effects that extreme cleanses can cause.

For those who simply cannot do this, then you can try including a small portion (4 ounces) daily of steamed or grilled poultry, fish or eggs. Keep it all very plain and add cleansing ingredients like garlic, onion, cracked pepper and cayenne pepper. These along with parsley are excellent aids in detoxing and purifying the body.

You can purchase some diuretic teas but drink them sparingly to avoid dehydration. Simple water loss is not the important point in a cleanse and being well hydrated is very important. The diuretic effect of the foods you will be eating is already enough without adding too many teas and other items to it.

There are several reasons why people do body cleanses and these include acne, candida, IBS, diet fluctuations, weaning off medications and weight loss. The suggestions above will help you work toward a cleanse that suits your specific needs and body type. Hunger is a normal part of any cleanse so just stick with it and be determined to get through the entire process. It’s all up to your specific goals and requirements and I’m sure you will feel amazing once you’re finished and have purged all of those nasty toxins out of your body!

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