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Diabetes is very popular! If you feel tired and sluggish, wake up at night to urinate and feel like you are always hungry, these may be some of the signs that your metabolism is not running at its best.

There are different ways diabetes can affect you and there are a least two different types of this illness. There are different reasons how diabetes develops so there are different treatments.

Type 1 diabetes has to do with your immune system, it comes on quickly and requires immediate medical attention or it can be life-threatening. Once it strikes it means you have to take insulin in order to survive.

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise and it is linked to being overweight. It generally takes many years for it to come on so beginning signs of this condition may go unnoticed. As it grows, your metabolism changes and your body can be damaged.

“Borderline diabetes”, “pre-diabetes” and “mild diabetes” should not be taken lightly. These words describe the results of blood tests that show that there is a problem. As diabetes matures, the insulin your body makes becomes less helpful for pushing the energy from food into your cells. You feel fatigued and hungry and need to eat more and more to feel satisfied. Unfortunately, instead of feeling re-energized after eating you are tired.

Metabolic syndrome describes a group of conditions that are a sign that you are at high risk for developing diabetes. Some of these include being overweight with a waist measurement of >40″ for men and >35″ in women, blood pressure of 130/85 or greater and having either too much of the bad cholesterol or not enough of the good cholesterol.

Listen to your body and pay attention to it!

Recognizing your condition may upset you and, understandably, be a psychological crisis. Common feelings include shock, fear or sadness as you think that your body has failed or gone against you.

How you handle these feelings and recover from them will make all the difference. This is a time for decisions. If you ignore your condition and decide not to do anything this can cost you your quality of life. If you choose to seek out support from diabetes professionals you can work through the issues that are tied into your care.

Getting the correct information and learning how to apply it to your situation is a key. New guidelines and treatment plans are being studied all the time, so relying on old methods of not using sugar or staying away from sweets is a narrow view.

Make up your mind and choose wisely, vote for yourself!

Put a plan together for taking care of your sensitive metabolism. Diet is a big part but watch out because it can be a four-lettered word. Some diets are still based on willpower or working with food lists of “good foods” or “bad foods”. You will likely get only short-term results because these plans can lead to a “cheating” or “being bad” mentality.

This is a time to get reacquainted with how you live. A long-lasting plan should fit into your lifestyle and meet with your needs. Devise a strategy that will help you determine what the priorities are to you.

Be selective and focus on a couple of areas that are doable and give you the most benefit with the least amount of effort. Get support for your program from reliable sources and use the information you receive.

Nutritionists help you during the learning curve so you can understand how food and other healthy habits can fit into your lifestyle so you can achieve long-lasting results.

People who are successful with diabetes management often say that taking action in this area has motivated them to change many other aspects of their life where an improvement was needed.

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