Over The Counter Medicines – Dangers and Risks of Medication


Many people assume that over-the-counter medications are safe when taken as directed. Yet even at recommended doses, aspirin can cause ulcers, antihistamines can cause sedation, and acetaminophen can cause serious liver and kidney damage.

But even in knowing that every medication carries some degree of risk the real danger is in what you don’t know. Of course, you can read about some of these risks in the product information that accompanies over-the-counter medicines. For example, the acetaminophen package insert warns about taking the drug if you consume three or more alcoholic drinks a day.

But what about the unknown risks? What if you’re genetically predisposed to sensitivity at lower dosages? What if you’re at risk because of some interaction with a particular food, drink or other medication, like carbonated beverages, antacids, or even antibiotics?

What if you’re in the process of developing a disease, disorder or dysfunction in another organ or gland as the result of imbalances, deficiencies or overexposure to common substances that don’t produce symptoms until it’s too late? What if you’re already experiencing symptoms but nobody seems to know why?

Well, believe it or not, all of these questions represent the real danger inherent in the rest of the iceberg – the part you can’t see. And the reason that you can’t see it is because until recently there has been no tool capable of seeing anything but iceberg tips.

But now – there is! The revolutionary Matrix Assessment Profile is an extraordinary new process that allows us to pull back the curtain on previously undiagnosed symptoms and expose the cause before it progresses into a an untreatable disease entity.

You see, up until now the thresholds for conventional evaluations were set to identify a disease once it has been fully developed. At this point your test results come back positive, the cause is attributed to the disease you are diagnosed with and the treatment is directed toward the symptoms of that disease.

But the reality is that the end-effect, the diagnosable disease, has been in the process of developing long before being recognized as the diagnosable disease. In fact, if you know where to look, what to look for and how to look at it, it is possible to see clearly identifiable patterns of imbalance and deficiency known to be associated with most common diagnosable diseases long before a positive test result or chronic symptoms appear.

And that’s the concept behind the Matrix Assessment Profile (M.A.P.). Before describing the benefits of this process it’s important to understand the truth about another related “false risk factor” – that of Genetics. For a long time it was assumed that if you carried a particular gene for some disorder or disease that you were doomed to experience this inherited trait.

over-the-counter-medicines-1However, recent research has confirmed that the possession of a genetic trait is only an inherited tendency to experience the potential effects indicated by its presence. In fact, the greater body of evidence now suggests that our biology dictates our genetics and not the other way around.

Given this phenomenal innovation in understanding the origins and mechanisms of disease, the use of a M.A.P. has become more than just a tool for identifying risk factors; it has become an indispensable means for preventing the progression of imbalances and deficiencies into disease entities by identifying the early patterns of abnormalities in the biochemistry of the body allowing us access to predict, prevent and reverse most common threats to premature aging and longevity.

With this new understanding of the impact of our biology on Genetics and subsequent risk factors and disease progression the process of transforming the biological matrix begins with a M.A.P.

The M.A.P. provides an objective biochemical baseline for identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances in the fluids comprising the internal environment of your body that reflect the integrity of lymph, urine, and saliva formation.

The characteristics and condition of the fluids that compose this biological matrix may affect the entire body. This fluid matrix travels throughout the entire body, but each and every person is biologically and chemically unique. Each individual’s cellular environment responds differently to stress, change, health, and illness. It also responds differently to all the factors that affect cellular functioning, such as genetics, hereditary issues, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental factors.

In addition to assessing the relationship of these factors to your unresolved symptoms a M.A.P. produces information specific to your biological environment regarding imbalances and deficiencies that may be potential causes related to your health care concerns. In short, a precise assessment and evaluation of the biological fluids may provide valuable information about underlying factors that may influence the overall state of your vitality and well-being.

The composed assessed in this profile are used by the body to produce energy, to supply vital nutrients for sustaining life, and to create the biological fluids of urine, lymph, and saliva. Therefore, the chemical state of the Biological Matrix will be reflected in the results of the M.A.P. and provide a means of monitoring your response to therapeutic intervention.

The Biological Matrix represents a fluid transport system for the delivery of nutrients to and elimination of waste products from the cells of the body.

The M.A.P. Provides an assessment of the status of specific biochemical processes, which control and contribute to an ecologically competent organism. It also permits us a window of observation into this unique environment allowing for invaluable insights into the ability of the cells to survive and prosper.

The M.A.P. assists in determining the physiological status of every major biological system in the body from two perspectives. First, it provides us with information pertaining to the three physiological factors of congestion, digestion, and energy production. Next it provides us with insight into how the body’s glands organs and physiological systems, such as kidney, liver, adrenals, digestion, elimination, etc. are being affected by association with the physiological factors.

With the latest advances in technology, the M.A.P. interpretation software is capable of determining similar values for the blood based upon the factors present in the other biological fluids. The use of this software allows us to offer the M.A.P. as a mail-order test. Now anyone, anywhere, can have this testing done in the privacy of his or her own home and simply call to arrange for a convenient time to schedule a consult.

This makes the M.A.P. one of the most unique and comprehensive evaluations available and one that you can experience firsthand through this limited time introductory offer.

With the results of your M.A.P. you’ll get the Answers You Need to ENJOY A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE. You’ll quickly discover you can:

  • Create the exact blueprint to be as healthy as you’d like.
  • Gain new clarity and focus about what you really need to be doing.
  • Improve your health with lightning speed.
  • Lose weight for good, without deprivation, struggle or frustration.
  • Feel GREAT about yourself!
  • Embrace optimum health, energy, and vitality.
  • Rediscover your zest for life.
  • Banish depression, anxiety, and crippling pain forever.
  • Tap into your full potential for lasting happiness and peace of mind.
  • Take the mystery out of anti-aging and longevity.
  • Glimpse into the unknown world of your personal genetics
  • Discover your true potential.

The Matrix Assessment Profile (M.A.P.)
Since almost 80% of all chronic degenerative diseases are associated with diet and over 90% of all visits to physician’s offices are stress related the following questions must be asked and answered.

What is the right diet for you? Each person comes from a different heritage/background and due to this, different diets are required.

Is your body digesting, assimilating, metabolizing, and using the food properly to give itself energy, growth and repair, and all the chemicals necessary for survival?

The Benefits of M.A.P.

  • You will observe objective findings, not just subjective changes such as “I feel better”. You will see hard-core results. Improvements or lack-of improvements can be monitored on follow-up testing.
  • The M.A.P. can help examine the body from a chemical perspective.
  • It is an evaluation procedure that is recognized and agreed upon by all physicians. This diagnostic tool has some real hard-core scientific data, evidence, and facts to back it up.
  • The M.A.P. Provides a biochemical explanation as to what is causing chronic symptoms and health problems at the cellular level.
  • This evaluation provides nutritional recommendations based scientific data and evidence, not on symptoms.

The M.A.P. Provides a tool for managing chronic deficiencies and imbalances through the use of nutraceuticals and dietary nutrition to support the compromised gland, organ, or system.

How It Works
The Matrix Assessment Profile is based upon three measured values in the three biological fluids of blood, urine, and saliva. These values correspond to the three physiological factors of congestion, energy production, and digestion. These three factors can then be associated with various physiological systems in the body.

The traditional analysis creates objectives and recommendations targeted at 17 different physiological systems of the body as they relate to the issues of congestion, energy production, and digestion. The function of every major system in the body can be evaluated for stress, dysfunction, deficiency, imbalance, and involvement in any group of chronic symptoms.

The systems assessed include the adrenal glands, kidneys, liver, cellular, lymphatic, immune, mitochondria, digestive, and elimination. In addition, heavy metal toxicity and free radical-antioxidant ratios can be evaluated. Finally, mineral balance and nutrient density can be assessed in light of specific supply and demand issues in all of these major systems.

All of this information can then be translated into rate of cellular aging compared to your actual chronological age, known as your biological age. Nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle modification recommendations can then be developed specific to your individual biochemical needs.

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