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The overall purpose of our existence is to develop a working model for behaviors that lead to a life of conscious co-creation and fulfillment. But first, a useful reality must be constructed based upon information that can produce predictable and reproducible results in our day-to-day lives.

In essence, any lifestyle discipline that includes self-assessment ensures personal growth, self-awareness, and spiritual security. In fact, spiritual security can be gauged by how someone feels most of the time. As the unknown becomes more familiar, the fear of the unknown dissipates. Such is the goal of all the age-old systems for achieving inner peace, personal growth, wisdom, contentment, and salvation. The notes in the songs may vary, but the melody is always the same. Ten steps to … Seven keys of .. Three ways to … etc.

Formulas for improving, enhancing, accelerating, and establishing are manufactured from the language into well-intentioned dialogs of support and encouragement. These countless prescriptions provide guidance, inspiration, and motivation. But these words can only lead us to the experience. Even so, they are necessary to promote advancement toward the creative source from which they emerged.

Consider even the words I have chosen to communicate this possibility have been selected to represent my personal impressions and perspective. They are not a system or a means to anything. Rather, they represent an instrument used to compose a symphony that resonates as a melody for sharing observations about the nature of a quantum lifestyle.

One only has to look as far as their own situation to recognize what isn’t working for them. Oftentimes, this appears as a symptom in the form of a recurring situation or relationship. At times, it may be an unresolved feeling or chronic physical discomfort. Often, it simply appears as a deep sense of unrest and imbalance. Not really knowing what it is that’s causing the disturbance, the first inclination is to grasp at the popular, easy, quick, and available solutions only to find that, along with a temporary change, another problem has been created.

Success and Failure
quantum-lifestyle-dynamics-1Statistically, it is known that the highest percentage of failures is not because people don’t want to have healthy, productive and prosperous lives. More times than not, it is because they don’t know how to achieve such a life. Thus, it is the use of a flawed system, rather than the lack of motivation or commitment, that produces a less-than-desirable result.

Discouragement and complacency are common by-products of the frustration experienced while attempting to achieve a desired result and continually failing to succeed. These are usually symptoms, not terminal conditions, and ultimately result in a lack of motivation and commitment.

The presence of symptoms in the absence of diagnosable disease suggests an imbalance. This imbalance is created by a repetitive sequence of events originating in the thoughts of the experiencer. This type of vicious cycle is self-perpetuating once it gains critical mass in one’s life. However, the associated symptoms need not become a chronic lot in life.

Conditional Responses
Although you may have been conditioned to respond to certain types of external stresses in a particular way, you have the ability to alter the outcome by virtue of how you choose to respond to the situations, circumstances, or encounters interpreted as a source of stress.

Repeatedly allowing an external stimulus to dictate your response perpetuates
the illusion of separation, in that you ascribe the source of your chosen response to the stimulus. Once you realize that touching a hot stove will burn you, you realize that the result of touching it again will produce the same experience. It is not the hot stove that burns you, but your decision to touch it. The illusion of separation is further perpetuated by our identification with the hot stove as the source of the burn, rather than with the decision-maker who chose to touch it.

Hidden Meaning of Behavior
Likewise, blaming falsely assigns responsibility to a person, object, or circumstances for your experience of the encounter based upon your subjective interpretation. Considered in this light, accidents become opportunities to look at things differently. And they should, particularly if they keep occurring as part of your life experience.

Taken to the extreme, chronic blaming may suggest that an unfulfilled need for attention, caring, cuddling, or nurturing is being fostered. This dynamic may work to satisfy needs and longings for everyone in support of the contrived relationship.

By the same token, it may reinforce the thought patterns associated with one’s own self-image, creating a terminal dysfunction of dependency and self-flagellation. This can prevent you from accessing any other life experience. This behavior may get you what you think you need, but not necessarily what you really want. Besides, it is a lot of work for very little return.

What we’re looking to achieve in deliberately constructing a process is the biggest return from the least investment. But as always, the choice is yours for the choosing. The concept of six degrees of separation suggests the mathematical probability that we are never more than five or six people away from any relationship we desire. I am suggesting that we are never more than one thought away from any experience we choose.

Three Things We Must Know
quantum-lifestyle-dynamics-2Therefore to alter your experience consciously and deliberately, you must know three things. Firstly, you must recognize where you are. Secondly, you must know where you want to be. And thirdly, you must know how to get from here to there.

Self-observation is at the core of any truly effective endeavor to shape productive and intentional changes in life. A loosely structured approach to self-examination follows a classical pattern of differential diagnosis, while providing a powerful basis for refocusing your efforts in the direction of correction.

A variety of tools, in the form of caveats, guidelines, reminders, and suggestions, are widely available in many forms. Finding an approach that resonates with your beliefs and acting upon it is a prerequisite of a system that can be integrated into your life to create whatever you desire and help to keep you on track.

Acknowledge Where You Are
Recognizing that everything works, one quickly realizes that there are no panaceas. You can begin to construct a unique approach to experiencing the reality of your dreams by starting where you are with the “hoof beats” caveat. When you hear hoof beats, look for horses. In so doing, you accomplish the first step in the process of self-renovation. You acknowledge where you are.

Given the facts of our discussion about the characteristics of thought and the nature of “now time,” there really is no other place to start. The symptoms will vary from person to person at this stage of our journey. And quite frankly, they really don’t matter. They are just symptoms. But more importantly, they are self-generated guideposts to a solution.

Remember that everything is what it isn’t. The solution is always in the problem, and the symptoms can provide invaluable insight into where the imbalance exists and what possible remedies are available.

In the final analysis, it will always boil down to one simple concept anyway. The main problem is that you think something is wrong. However, for most of us, it is a difficult diagnosis to convert into a remedy at this point, so you must employ some strategic impetus to move in the desired direction.

Remember, for every action, there is a reaction. Doing nothing produces more of the same. Just doing something for the sake of doing something will simply produce random and inconsistent results. This leads to either more confusion, or more of the same.

Specific Action Produces Specific Reactions
quantum-lifestyle-dynamics-3Using the three things you have to know as a foundation for creating a new experience, you must now begin to refine your efforts to accomplish your goal. Creating a system that works for you is critical to achieving and maintaining motivation and consistency. This does not require you to subscribe to a specific belief system or dogma, but only to align yourself with practices that produce predictable results and are consistent with your fundamental desires.

To produce results consistent with your desires, you must consistently apply the principles of manifestation in as conscious a manner as you are capable in any given moment. You can use the laws, guidelines, caveats, and reminders to construct a realistic program for successfully altering your course and restoring balance, while establishing a self-perpetuating foundational awareness.

The more specific you are at each point along the way, the more specific your results will be, and the easier it will become to monitor progress and modify your approach.

Starting where you are will be as different for everyone as individual perceptions of reality. Despite the fact that everyone wants the same basic things (avoiding pain and experiencing pleasure), your plan for achieving these results will be different. What will be the same, however, is the fundamental mechanism for achieving it. Universal laws are called universal for a reason.

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