What is Sermorelin – How To Increase Growth Hormone as You Age


Sermorelin is a bio-identical hormone (genetically engineered) that stimulates the secretion of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) from the hypothalamus which is a region located in the brain. The hypothalamus links the nervous and endocrine systems by way of the pituitary gland. Sermorelin is a secretagogue which means that it is actually not growth hormone itself. What sermorelin does is stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone naturally. Sermorelin (GHRH) is a small peptide that contains the first 29 amino acids of our own human growth hormone (hGH). hGH, on the other hand, is a large molecule containing 191 amino acids. Several studies have shown that it is only the first 29 amino acids out of the full 44 amino acids in Growth Releasing Factor (GRF) that stimulate pituitary secretion of human growth hormone (hGH).

Why Would You Need To Take Sermorelin?

As we get older, the pituitary’s production of growth hormone drops sharply. The result is that the aging process gradually rears its ugly head and you start experiencing issues with increased muscle loss and weakness, inflammation, painful joints, decreased mobility, increased body fat, decreased sex drive and chronic fatigue. How wonderful does all that sound? The rate of this significant drop in growth hormone levels is approximately 10% per decade after the age of 40, so by the time you hit 80 years old you will be in pretty bad shape, hormonally speaking!

My Personal Experience with Sermorelin

I want to share my personal thoughts after my HRT clinic suggested I give Sermorelin a try based on my health and fitness goals along with my blood tests and my overall ambitions as a competitive bodybuilder. One month into treatment, I have already noticed an increase in muscle size as well as a significant increase in my strength levels and workout endurance. In addition, the quality of my sleep is amazing!

The vast majority of health and fitness products on the market are absolute garbage and do nothing to improve your health or your physique. The dietary supplement business is an unregulated industry which is very scary. It’s important for people, especially older people who are experiencing hormonal issues with aging, that there is another alternative that really works.

The information below is a month-by-month breakdown of the benefits that I should expect to see from using Sermorelin. Since I’ve only been using Sermorelin for 30 days, I will only be able to provide the specific benefits for that short time period. Significant results start occurring around month two and three. I know several middle-aged men and women that workout at my local gym who have been on Sermorelin for 6 months and they look absolutely fantastic!

Sermorelin Usage and Benefits – Month #1

  • Weight loss and body fat reduction is apparent. I’m already more toned and more muscular. I lost about 5 pounds of body fat over the past 30 days!
  • Better sleep! The sleep I experience now is amazing. I feel like I’m sleepy on a cloud and when I wake up, I feel so refreshed.
  • Improved stamina! At 58 years old, I’m able to keep up with all the 20-year-old guys in the gym. I have noticed improved stamina and strength in just 30 days.
  • Optimistic attitude! I’ve been on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for 6 years and during that time I have benefited from an improved mental outlook. I’ve noticed a much more positive and optimistic attitude since I’ve started taking Sermorelin.

Sermorelin Expected Benefits – Month #2

  • Improved muscle tone.
  • Increased strength.
  • Improved skin tone.
  • Better digestion.
  • Increased reduction in body fat.
  • Improved vision.
  • Enhanced sexual function and increased libido.

Sermorelin Expected Benefits – Month #3

  • Improved mental cognition.
  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Improved healing from injury or surgery.
  • Improved hair growth.
  • Increased libido.
  • Increased muscle size.
  • Faster recovery time from soreness.

Sermorelin Expected Benefits – Month #4

  • Continual improvement in all benefits experienced in 3-month categories.

Sermorelin Expected Benefits – Month #5

  • Improved weight loss and reduction in body fat.
  • Improved skin tone and overall appearance.
  • Reduced wrinkles.
  • Continued improvement in muscle tone.
  • Thickening of hair with a more shiny and healthy appearance.

Sermorelin Expected Benefits – Month #6

  • Diminished cellulite.
  • Improved resistance to colds, flu and other illnesses.
  • Improved vision.
  • Improved healing of injuries and wounds.
  • Improved body composition (muscle gain and fat loss).

My goal in writing this article to heighten the awareness about the health benefits of optimally balancing hormones and to share my insight about the benefits of Sermorelin for your health and physique goals.

How is Sermorelin Administered?

Sermorelin is available by either using subcutaneous injections or by taking sublingual lozenges. If choosing injections (most common method of administration), Sermorelin will be injected subcutaneously which means directly into the body fat (usually the stomach area) by using a very small needle. I personally take the sublingual lozenges since it’s very easy.

Should I See My General Practitioner or an HRT Specialist?

My personal opinion is that if you are over 40-years-old and your primary doctor hasn’t brought these types of key hormones to your attention, then you should choose another physician who is specialized in this area. The problem with general practitioners is that they do not have expertise in hormone balancing.

You might be asking, “Is it safe to take hormones?” Well, that’s really a loaded question. Ask yourself this question, how safe is it to be overweight? Are you doubling and even tripling your risk of having a heart attack, getting diabetes or getting cancer? Specialized anti-aging doctors will do extensive blood work and closely review your medical history to ensure safety. Qualified anti-aging doctors at professional HRT clinics will not prescribe anything to you unless if it endangers your health. It’s extremely important to have your hormone levels checked annually, whether or not you decide to take hormone replacement therapy.

Common Symptoms of Unbalanced Hormones

  • Low energy levels.
  • Decreased libido.
  • Weight gain.
  • Muscle loss.
  • Mood swings.
  • Depression.

Possible Health Issues of Having Unbalanced Hormones

  • Obesity.
  • Heart disease.
  • Cancer.
  • Diabetes.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Sexual dysfunction.

Men and women that go through life with unbalanced hormones are 86% more likely to die at a younger age. So, when you think your general practitioner is caring for your health and they don’t even proactively test your hormones on a yearly basis, think again. Most insurance companies will pay for these blood tests so it’s really a matter of your physician ordering them. Optimal mental and physical health are dependent upon your hormones being well-balanced as you get older.

How Much Does Sermorelin Cost?

I spend around $170 per month for my Sermorelin prescription through my HRT clinic. I consider this to be an investment in my body and health. Once I reach my health and fitness goals, I can choose a less expensive maintenance kit of Sermorelin. I plan on taking Sermorelin for a 6-month cycle and then continue with the maintenance dose. My Sermorelin prescription (GHRP-6) also contains GHRP-2 which acts as an appetite suppressant allowing for increased weight loss. I estimate my yearly cost on my HRT and my Sermorelin to be around $1,600 per year. Some may think this is a lot of money, but you can justify the cost by eliminating all those unneeded nutritional supplements that you’re taking. If you are currently overweight and middle-aged then you could be a ticking time bomb as it relates to a major medical event that will cost much more than the price for effective prescription hormone replacement therapy.

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My name is Timothy Roach and I'm a Certified Master Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer and I'm certified in sports nutrition. I'm also an accomplished amateur bodybuilder and have competed in 16 bodybuilding competitions. See my profile page for more information!


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    Not to be a fly in the ointment, but as a clinical pharmacist I feel the need to point out that there are risks associated with GHRF (growth hormone releasing factor) treatment which can have negative effects on your health and sense of well-being. Development of diabetes mellitus, peripheral edema, joint pain, skin reactions, immune system disturbances to name a few. I understand the desire to recover the hormonal advantages of youth during middle age, but make sure you’re properly informed of the risks before making the decision to go down this road.

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    Michael Westacott on

    I am 73 years old. I’m fit, but experience the onset of old age (aching joints, etc). I asked my doctor and he agreed it would help me, but he left me up in the air to where to buy it. Where should I get it from?

    • ShapeFit

      Hi Michael – Try searching on Google for “Anti Aging Clinics” or “Anti Aging Doctors” in your local area. It’s always best to go through a certified anti-aging clinic versus ordering anything online. If you can’t find one in your area, let us know and we can recommend a few.

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