What is Metabolism – Tips To Increase a Slow Metabolism


Metabolism is vital for our bodies while we are living, eating, breathing etc. The process of metabolism is an act of balancing two kinds of activities that go on at the same time. The building up of tissues and energy stores as well as the breaking down of body tissues and energy to generate our body to function properly. All living things must have a supply of energy and matter in the body. People that workout or people who have a problem keeping their weight down try ways to speed up their metabolism. Increasing your metabolism can help you burn calories, decrease fat, increase muscle tone and give yourself overall more energy.

Metabolism has two processes called catabolism and anabolism. Anabolism is the phase in which body cells synthesize for growth and repair. Catabolism is the phase where complex substances are broken down producing more energy, which in turn makes your cells function properly. These two processes together give the body nutrients which are absorbed into the blood. There are different ways to get your metabolism going again but the best way is through exercise.

Exercise ultimately reduces body fat and increases muscle tone so that you are burning more calories, in return burning more fat. Muscle tissue uses more calories than fat tissue in your body because muscle has a higher metabolic rate. Muscle is such an active tissue that it requires a standard amount of calories each day to keep its maintenance. The worst way to lose weight is by dropping your daily caloric intake That does nothing for your metabolism but make it worse. It actually stalls your metabolism to where you’re not burning any calories.

If a person keeps trying to thrive and lose weight by simply not eating, or not eating enough, the body will be forced to break down muscle tissue for fuel. You will actually begin to lose water and muscle, and it’s nothing to be proud of. As soon as a person begins to eat or drink anything, no matter what it is, your weight will be regained. Not having any muscle mass could run your metabolism for a long period!

You can create a good aerobic and cardio plan including strength training along with a good healthy diet plan to jump-start your metabolism to lose body fat and maintain a healthy weight. Eating a total of 6 small meals a day keeps your blood sugar in check and keeps your metabolism burning calories even if you’re sitting down. A healthy diet needs to consist of healthy grains, plenty of fruit and vegetables and good lean protein such as skinless turkey breast and skinless chicken breast.

Eating some of your favorite food is not prohibited but eating them in moderation is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating healthy exercise and healthy eating daily will keep your metabolism humming along while keeping you on track at a healthy weight.

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