Arian Elizabeth Doaks Fitness Model Interview and Photos


Arian Elizabeth Doaks – Fitness Model Statistics

  • Name: Arian Elizabeth Doaks
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 145 pounds
  • Date of Birth: n/a
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Bust: 34B
  • Waist: 27″
  • Hips: 38″
  • Location: Ontario, California

Arian Elizabeth Doaks – Fitness Model Interview

What is your background?
I am a new resident of the sunny state of California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana where I was born and raised. I’ve always been into sports and anything physical. From birth I was a tomboy and now, I’m still a tomboy, I just know how to turn it on and off now!

Being raised in a family dominated by men didn’t leave me too much room for Barbie dolls. I have no sisters or aunts and just one single female cousin growing up who resided over 800 miles away! Let’s just face it! I had no hope of being a girly girl! The best thing going for me was I attended a magnet school for performing arts where I took classical ballet from middle school through college. To this day, I still utilize the technique that was drilled into me for years.

In high school I played Varsity Volleyball and Track and went to state. I was a late comer to volleyball but once I got it, I got it! Track was natural for me! I ran the hurdles, the 400 and participated in the high jump.

How did you get started in the fitness field?
arianelizabeth-doaks-11I initiated my modeling career trying to do runway modeling which was my favorite. I have a catwalk to die for! The only problem is that I had an athletic physique that they just weren’t too fond of. Finally, I listened to what God had been telling me all along and took the athletic route – he’s a know it all! LOL. Ever since this change, things have been going a positive route. I’ve done shoots for multiple equipment companies, I started training really hard and competed in my first figure competition in 2010 and then won overall in my first ever NPC figure competitions twice back to back with only one week between each competition.

It is my goal to take my figure competitions to the next level in 2012 and get my NPC pro card. Come June, I hope to make that goal come true! As for now, I will keep training hard and getting myself out there and remaining positive as I seek a manager/agent to assist me in my fitness modeling career! Cheers!

What is the #1 thing you like best about being into fitness?
I must say that although fitness makes me feel good, it helps me stay around on earth a little longer, and it gives me lots of energy but I have to say that I love how it makes a pair of stilettos and a skirt look! There’s nothing better than a nice pair of toned legs in a mini skirt!

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?
I was the Overall Figure Champion in both the NPC Border States Competition and the NPC Titans Grand Prix Championships in 2011. They were my very first competitions with the NPC federations and I ended up taking the sword in both with just one week in between each show!

What is the best way to get started in the fitness modeling industry? Should I just contact the photographers directly or should I use an agency?
The best way to get started is to find a GREAT photographer to do you headshots and some body shots and spare no expense on these! If you have a great portfolio, you’ve set yourself up for a great career! Of course, there are no guarantees with modeling except for the guarantee that if your portfolio sucks so will your career! It’s your audition and interview before they even see you!

Please describe a typical day for you. What is your daily routine like?
arianelizabeth-doaks-8I work a full time job as well, so I go to a 9-5 daily unless I have a shoot or audition to attend. As soon as I’m off, I head directly to the gym and workout anywhere from 1-3 hours. You must always stay in “audition condition” because in most cases you won’t get much notice! On a shoot day, I would shower, shave, exfoliate and wax the night before to avoid attending the shoot bruised or whipped. I drink plenty of water and have a good nights rest – you’re going to need it in the morning!

I don’t have that much time during the day to workout, so I really want to burn major calories in a short amount of time. What is the #1 “bang for the buck” cardio exercise I should do to burn serious calories?
I would recommend super set workouts which is where you combine exercises working different muscles together for a faster yet high intensity workout. Otherwise, the elliptical machine is a good calorie burner as well.

How much weight (pounds) should I focus on losing every week? What is a safe amount to make sure I keep it off?
I don’t believe in tracking weight to gauge progress. Use the mirror! How are you looking and how are you feeling. A lot of times the scale may not move but your clothing size will! Use the scale for reference, not your Bible!

What type of food or supplements should I take before and after my workouts to help me see results in gaining lean muscle and losing fat?
Protein is your friend!

How do you deal with cravings for junk foods, sweets and salty food? I can stay on a diet for maybe a few weeks but I eventually get really bad cravings and binge on snacks and fast foods.
Give yourself 1 cheat meal per week! Not a cheat day but a meal where you can have anything you want and as much as you want in a single setting. This works wonders without giving you a setback. It works because it gives you something to look forward to and encourage you to stay on the diet plan because you’ll get a reward in the end with your cheat meal!


I’m trying to create a healthy shopping list to stick with. What are some of the main foods I should include to maintain a lean and muscular physique?
ALWAYS purchase boneless skinless chicken breast. I suggest you have this at least 4 times per week!

I’m about 35 pounds overweight. I have never started an exercise program and really don’t know where to start. What tips can you give me to get started on the right track?
Join a gym where they offer group exercise classes. Look for a class that uses free weights and barbells. If the class you’re interested in doesn’t use one or both of these, don’t waste your time!

I tend to eat out most of the time and really don’t know what healthy foods to order from the menu. What tips do you recommend for eating out at restaurants to make sure my diet will not suffer?
Always purchase something orange or green and avoid things fried or cooked in fat!

What exercises do you recommend for getting a bigger, rounder and fuller butt?
arianelizabeth-doaks-7LUNGES and SQUATS! They’re killer but they work!

What is the most challenging thing you deal with about consistently staying in top shape?
Plateauing (no longer seeing or feeling results from your workout). I have to always mix my workouts up as well as the time, weight, and the sets. The more you change, the harder it is for your body to plateau.

Please describe your normal diet. What do you eat in a typical day to stay in shape?

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal, protein shake, egg whites.
  • Mid-Morning Snack: Fruit, muffin, granola.
  • Lunch: Chicken breast, rice and broccoli.
  • Mid-Afternoon Snack: Protein shake, almonds, cold-cut sandwich.
  • Dinner: Steak, baked potato, vegetable.

What type of exercises do you include in your routine to stay in shape?

  • Strength Training Exercises: Squats, lunges, chest presses, flys, push ups, pull ups, tricep dips, bench.
  • Cardio Exercises: Elliptical, Stairmaster, stepper.
  • Additional Training: Anything physical that you enjoy and something that doesn’t feel like you’re working out when you actually are! I roller skate!

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for developing toned and defined arms?

arianelizabeth-doaks-91. Benching.
2. Chest flys.
3. Chest presses.
4. Tricep pull downs.
5. Bicep curls.

What are your top 5 tips for losing unwanted body fat?

1. Slow paced cardio.
2. High rep weight training.
3. Eliminate fat intake.
4. Increase weight during weight training.
5. Superset your exercises.

What are your top 5 tips for gaining lean muscle mass?

1. Protein.
2. Heavy weight training.
3. Superset training.
4. Slow cardio exercises.
5. Training no more than two body parts per session.

What are the top 5 tips you recommend for staying motivated on a fitness plan and truly making a healthy lifestyle change?

arianelizabeth-doaks-121. Don’t start a diet, start a lifestyle change. If what you’re doing now, you couldn’t do for the rest of your life, it won’t work.
2. Give yourself 1 cheat meal per week! These helped me tremendously!
3. Surround yourself with people who are also pursuing a healthy lifestyle.
4. Prepare your meals in advance, if not you’ll find yourself at McDonald’s!
5. Keep a water bottle glued to your hand!

What is your training routine like? (Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, etc.)

  • Monday: Legs (squats, lunges, curls, extensions, calf raises).
  • Tuesday: Chest and triceps (bench, tricep pull downs, dips, skull crushers).
  • Wednesday: Back and shoulders (Lat pull downs, reverse flys, overhead presses, lots of dumbbell exercises).
  • Thursday: Rest.
  • Friday: Repeat Monday’s exercises (increase the sets, lower the weight).
  • Saturday: Repeat Tuesday’s exercises (increase the sets, lower the weight).
  • Sunday: Repeat Wednesday’s (increase the sets, lower the weight).

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for losing fat around the stomach and developing a toned and defined midsection?

arianelizabeth-doaks-101. Your abs are what you eat!
2. Your abs are what you eat!
3. Your abs are what you eat!
4. Your abs are what you eat!
5. Your abs are what you eat!

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for toning the thighs, hips and butt?

1. Lunges (single and double leg, walking).
2. Donkey kicks.
3. Squats.
4. Leg extensions.
5. Hamstring curls.

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