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Brooke Golden – Fitness Model Statistics

Name: Brooke Golden
Date of Birth: 02/10/94
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 120 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Hometown: Troy, Illinois

Brooke Golden – Fitness Model Interview

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I grew up in a town an hour south of Chicago called Yorkville, Illinois. I couldn’t get out of that town fast enough, so as soon as senior year approached I knew I wanted to move to Peoria, Illinois to begin my college career at Bradley University. I am currently studying social media marketing with a little over a year left. I am a certified personal trainer and I’m working on starting my own business which will be called Always Fearless Fitness.

How and why did you get started in fitness?
During my first year of college I got mixed up in the wrong crowd and even worse life choices. I was mixing drugs and alcohol which began a massive downward spiral. During this horrible time in my life I was also battling an eating disorder along with depression and anxiety. I knew it was time for a change and God had so much more planned for me. That is when I started lifting weights. It became a passion that replaced my horrible habits and changed me forever. I knew bodybuilding was my calling. In one year I changed my life completely and entered my first bikini competition where I trained myself and placed 8th.


What is the best thing about being fit and living a healthy lifestyle?
Feeling confident in the skin I’m in. I finally feel absolutely amazing with my body.

Tell us about your biggest fitness influence?
My biggest fitness influence is Dana Linn Bailey. There is no one as raw as her in this industry. I feel like the fitness industry is over-sexualized and it makes people become something they are not because they feel as if they have to be perfect. Dana is the prime example of confidence. She is an amazing example of how a kind heart can take you so far. She motivates me every day.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
My greatest achievement so far is being sponsored by VPX Sports.

What is your favorite body part on yourself and on the opposite sex?
My favorite body part on myself is my glutes. It is what I train the hardest and have worked extremely hard to build. They are also a crucial part of competing in the bikini division. My favorite body part on guys is hands down deltoids. I have always had a weird obsession with capped delts!

What kind of cardio do you like best and why?
If I have to pick a favorite type of cardio I would pick the stairmill. I like to add in glute kickbacks alternating every other step for a nice little burn!


What type of nutritional supplements do you use?
I take CLA, L-carnitine, glutamine, whey isolate protein powder, creatine, and Redline Energy pre-workout.

What do you think of the latest fitness trends like P90X, Insanity and CrossFit?
I’m honestly not a fan. I have always been about old-school lifting. There is nothing like lifting some iron. I feel like a lot of the latest trends are exactly what they are called, trends. They normally do not last.

What type of food or supplements do you consume pre-workout and post-workout?
Pre-workout I take CLA, L-carnitine and half a bottle of Redline Energy. Post-workout I make a shake with whey isolate protein powder, glutamine and creatine

How do you deal with cravings for junk foods, sweets and salty food?
I mainly crave sweets at night so my fix for that is making sugar-free Jello! This satisfies my sweet tooth without breaking my diet. For salty cravings I make sure I have my meals pre-made for the day. This allows me to eat every two hours without being tempted to make something else.

What are the contents of your refrigerator?
Lots of egg whites, chicken, spinach, chicken sausage, sugar-free Jello, almond milk, whole eggs and ground turkey!

What are your top 3 favorite exercises and why?
Squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts. I love squats because it is such an engaging exercise. You activate your core, quads, hamstrings and glutes all in one lift. I love the deadlift because it has been my go-to lift for building power. Hip thrusts have been my secret for rounding out my glutes!

What tips do you recommend for eating out at restaurants to stay on a clean diet?
brooke-golden-fitness-model-7Be smart and plan your cheats around the day you plan to eat out. This way you don’t feel restricted. If this is not possible then ordering chicken is always the best go-to food with a side of sweet potato. Make sure to tell them to be light on the oil to avoid an overload of fat!

What does your gym playlist look like and what’s your favorite song to listen to when training?
I am obsessed with Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard. I also love Sleeping with Sirens “If you can’t hang”.

What is the most challenging thing you deal with about consistently staying in top shape?
Resisting the temptation to cheat on my diet. Diet is 90% of being in shape so if you cheat on it, it will show.

Please describe your normal diet. What do you eat in a typical day to stay in shape?

  • Meal #1: 6 egg whites
  • Meal #2: 4oz chicken breast, 5oz veggies, 3oz sweet potato
  • Meal #3: chicken sausage
  • Meal #4: 2 raw sushi rolls
  • Meal #5: 4oz shrimp, 1 piece Ezekiel bread
  • Meal #6: protein shake

If you could share only one bodybuilding tip that has really helped you succeed, what would it be?
brooke-golden-fitness-model-17Remember why you started. This will keep you motivated and remind you what you are working towards.

How does your family, friends and significant other react to and deal with your strict fitness lifestyle?
They honestly think I’m nuts 🙂 They are extremely supportive though and also attend my shows to cheer me on!

What are your top 5 tips for losing body fat and getting shredded?

  1. Stay 100% dedicated to your diet.
  2. Do short but intense cardio sessions.
  3. Keep lifting!
  4. Find someone to guide you.
  5. Don’t cut carbs out.

What are your top 5 tips for building muscle and packing on size?

  1. Proper nutrition.
  2. Finding the right lifting regimen for your body.
  3. Take proper supplements (BCAAs, creatine, glutamine).
  4. Keep cardio to a minimum.
  5. Lift heavy!

What is your training routine like?

brooke-golden-fitness-model-22Monday: Shoulders

  • Giant Set:
  • Iso lateral raise 4×12-15
  • Plate front raise 4×12
  • Rear delt DB raise 4×12
  • Lateral raise 14×15
  • Tri Set:
  • Upright row 4×15
  • Cable lateral raise 4×15
  • DB front raise 5×15
  • Abs: Leg raise 4×12
  • Russian twists with medicine ball 4×12
  • Straight leg sit ups 4×12
  • Cardio: 21 minutes of HIIT on treadmill

Tuesday: Legs

  • Superset:
  • Iso quad extension each leg 4×12
  • Feet together leg press 4×20
  • Superset:
  • Lying hamstring curls 4×16
  • Wide stance leg press toes angled out 4×20
  • Tri Set:
  • Hip Thrusts 4×12
  • Donkey kicks 4×12
  • Cable kickbacks 4×10 each leg
  • Cardio 20 minutes of HIIT on stairmill

brooke-golden-fitness-model-18Wednesday: Back

  • Superset:
  • Wide grip lat pulldown 4×15
  • Close grip pulldown 4×15
  • Superset:
  • Cable row 4×15
  • Rope Dickersons 4×15
  • Tri Set:
  • Wide grip row 4×15
  • Close grip row 4×15
  • Supine grip row 4×15
  • Abs: Cable crunches 4×12
  • Side planks 4×45 sec each side
  • Leg raises with Bosu ball 4×12
  • Cardio: 21 minutes of HIIT on treadmill

Thursday: Biceps and Triceps

  • Tri Set:
  • Straight bar curl 4×15
  • DB kick backs 4×15
  • Preacher curls 4×14
  • Giant Set:
  • Rope extensions 4×15
  • Hammer curls 4×15
  • Overhead tri extension 4×15
  • Cable curls 4×15
  • Cardio 20 minutes of HIIT on treadmill

brooke-golden-fitness-model-20Friday: Glutes

  • Squats 4×12
  • Stiff leg deadlifts 4×12-15
  • Donkey kicks on Smith machine 4×12
  • Laying hamstring curl 4×15
  • Single straight leg deadlifts 4×12
  • Iso standing hamstring curl 3 sets to failure
  • Abs: Pikes on medicine ball 4×15
  • Decline sit-ups 4×15
  • Cardio: 21 minutes of HIIT on stairmill

Saturday: Chest

  • Giant Set:
  • Incline bench 4×12
  • Fly machine 4×12
  • Push ups 4×12
  • Bench 4×12
  • Superset:
  • Cable flies 4×15
  • DB bench press 4×15

brooke-golden-fitness-model-23Sunday: Off Day

What is your favorite healthy food and your favorite cheat food?
My favorite healthy food is shrimp and my favorite cheat food is Ben & Jerry’s 🙂

How do you stay motivated?
I stay motivated by setting goals and realizing I have to work to obtain those goals. Not being where I want to be is my motivation!

What does the future hold for you?
My main goal as of now is to get my pro card for the IFBB. I am working on getting qualified for nationals this season. I am also looking forward to starting my work career in social media marketing in the supplement industry. The sky is the limit for me!

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