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I was born in Boston, MA. As a child, I was very active. I took lessons in just about every sport you can imagine (skiing, skating, tennis, tap, ballet) but my passion was horses. I rode every weekend, took lessons for years and competed in many horse shows. I also had a passion for dance which developed in my late teens. I took lessons and won many dance competitions. During my early 20’s, I got a job in a health club. It inspired me to become a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. I worked in the field for several years before becoming an Intuitive Coach. Currently, my workouts consist of weight training, cardio and dancing. I love being outside, taking my dog for beach walks and traveling.

Jana Hollingsworth – Fitness Model Statistics

  • Name: Jana Hollingsworth
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Weight: 112
  • Date of Birth: 5/31/61
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Bust: 34
  • Waist: 25
  • Hips: 33
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Website: www.dreamsnmotion.com

Jana Hollingsworth – Fitness Model Interview

How did you get started in the fitness modeling field?
A friend of mine got me a job at a health club when I was in my early 20’s. After that, I was hooked. I taught aerobics classes and was also a personal trainer. I always loved the energy of being in the gym!

What is the #1 thing you like best about being into fitness?
My favorite thing about being into fitness is that I feel great! My body feels strong and healthy and vibrant. I feel energized, my body looks fit and toned and my stress levels are diminished. I love the feeling I get from weight training. It makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?
My biggest accomplishment was when I entered my first Figure fitness competition when I turned 45. My goal was to get in the best shape that I’d ever been in and I certainly achieved that! It was a lot of hard work but I loved every minute of it. I feel like I grew a lot from that experience and learned so much about nutrition and being fully committed to attaining a goal.

What is the best way to get started in the fitness modeling industry? Should I just contact the photographers directly or should I use an agency?
From my understanding, there is no easy answer to this question. The girls I know who are in this industry, spent a long time attending all the big fitness shows, having professional pictures and resumes with them wherever they went, and gave their business cards out to everyone. Entering competitions is another way to go. The more your name and face are out there, the more exposure you will get.

Please describe a typical day for you. What is your daily routine like?
Four days a week, I get up at 5:00am to get in my weight training and cardio before I head to the office. After my workout, I usually have a protein bar or banana with peanut butter to tide me over until lunch time. As an Intuitive Coach, I work with my clients in the afternoons and evenings. In between clients, I may run errands, take the dog for a walk or read. I have an early dinner and then relax. Since I’m up early & have a jam packed day, I’m usually asleep by 9:30pm.

I don’t have that much time during the day to workout, so I really want to burn major calories in a short amount of time. What is the #1 “bang for the buck” cardio exercise I should do to burn serious calories?
If time is a concern, I would recommend a 30-45 minute walk or run on the treadmill or stairmaster. Dancing is also a great way to burn calories. If you have any kind of cardio or dance dvd you can watch, that’s also a great way to burn off those calories. If you have a dog, taking him for a run for even 20 minutes would do both of you a world of good!

How much weight (pounds) should I focus on losing every week? What is a safe amount to make sure I keep it off?
I would shoot for 1-2 pounds a week. That is the healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off! If you lose any more than that, you will ultimately gain it back. Slow and sure is the way to go!

What type of food or supplements should I take before and after my workouts to help me see results in gaining lean muscle and losing fat?
Before a workout, I would make sure I have a protein and carbs. For instance, I usually have ½ a cup of oatmeal with a ½ cup of apple juice. Along with that, I have my protein/vitamin shake with flaxseed oil mixed in. I always take L Glutamine before and after my workouts. This is a wonderful amino acid that will assist in optimal performance as well as minimizing the breakdown of your muscles. I also take L Carnitine. After my workout, I usually have a piece of fruit with either non-fat cheese or peanut butter. I may also eat a protein bar.

How do you deal with cravings for junk foods, sweets and salty food? I can stay on a diet for maybe a few weeks but I eventually get really bad cravings and binge on snacks and fast foods.
There are ways to get around this one. I happen to have a real sweet tooth (especially for chocolate.) Every night after dinner, I have 2 squares of a carb light chocolate bar. You can also have sugar-free pudding or a chocolate protein bar. I also get some nutritious desserts online. You can find some delicious and nutritious snacks! On the weekends, I allow myself a cheat meal where I eat whatever sweets I want!

I’m trying to create a healthy shopping list to stick with. What are some of the main foods I should include to maintain a lean and muscular physique?

  • Meats: Chicken, lean ground turkey, lean steaks or burgers, veggie burgers. I also hear that bison is a great lean meat but I’ve never tried it.
  • Dairy: Non fat or soy milk, fat-free cheese, Greek non-fat yogurt, cottage cheese
  • Fruits: Bananas, apples, berries, pears
  • Carbs: Oatmeal (my favorite), brown rice, rice cakes, quinoa, yams

I’m about 35 pounds overweight. I have never started an exercise program and really don’t know where to start. What tips can you give me to get started on the right track?
The best advice I can give is to set up an appointment with a personal trainer and/or nutritionist. That way, you are getting professional advice and starting off on the right foot. If you are not able to do that, I would recommend enlisting a friend do start the program with you. You will both be able to keep each other accountable and on track. If you are doing this solo, start off slowly by walking several days a week. Go as long as you can at first and then slowly build up the time. If you can get up to 30 minutes a week, you’d be on the right track!

I tend to eat out most of the time and really don’t know what healthy foods to order from the menu. What tips do you recommend for eating out at restaurants to make sure my diet will not suffer?
Stick to the lean meats like grilled chicken or turkey (white meat) or a lean beef. Grilled salmon is always a good call or a grilled chicken salad with the dressing on the side! You should have your protein with brown rice and veggies.

What exercises do you recommend for getting a bigger, rounder and fuller butt?
Squats are the best way to get that toned butt that we all want. Lunges are also a great way to hit that area as well as your quads.

What is the most challenging thing you deal with about consistently staying in top shape?
I think holiday meals are probably the most challenging. I try not to stress about it. If I overindulge a bit on Thanksgiving, I’m back at the gym first thing in the morning. Sometimes parties can be difficult as there is so much junk food. I will usually eat a piece of fruit before I go so I won’t be tempted to munch on any of the bad stuff!

Please describe your normal diet. What do you eat in a typical day to stay in shape?

  • Breakfast: ½ cup instant oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon and a ½ cup of apple juice (to sweeten it.) Along with that, I have my protein/vitamin shake with flax seed oil mixed in.
  • Mid-Morning Snack: Proto Whey Power Crunch protein bar in chocolate
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken w/brown rice and veggies
  • Mid-Afternoon Snack: Banana with peanut butter
  • Dinner: Egg whites mixed with veggies turkey (or some turkey apple sausage) on a brown rice tortilla. I’ll also have 2 squares of carb light chocolate for dessert.

What type of exercises do you include in your routine to stay in shape?

  • Strength Training Exercises: Bicep curls (one of my favorites), combination squat with overhead shoulder press, tricep extensions, lunges, upright rows, chest press, push ups with a twist, leg extensions, calf raises lat pull downs, military press.
  • Cardio Exercises: Hustle dancing, Cybex Arc Trainer cardio machine (it’s easy on the knees and back)
  • Additional Training: For my abs: sit ups on a bench holding a ten pound weight and reverse curls. We also have a standing ab machine that I love. Crunches on the stability ball are also great for toning the abs.

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for developing toned and defined arms?

1. A clean diet is extremely important for getting arm definition.
2. Bicep curls (mix it up between heavy weights with less reps and lighter weights with more reps)
3. Tricep extensions, dips – gives great definition to back of arms
4. Push ups – overall good toner for biceps triceps & chest
5. I also love to incorporate shoulder presses

What are your top 5 tips for losing unwanted body fat?

1. Eating clean – I can’t emphasize enough how important your diet is!
2. Drink plenty of water. I try for at least 1-2 liters a day.
3. Lots of cardio – this is a key component to your weight loss
4. 8 hours of sleep. Your body needs the rest to keep the systems in your body working
5. Eat small meals every 2-3 hours

What are your top 5 tips for gaining lean muscle mass?

1. Clean eating is the most important thing.
2. Weight training
3. Lots of cardio
4. Drinking lots of water
5. Mixing up your workouts so you keep your muscles guessing

What are the top 5 tips you recommend for staying motivated on a fitness plan and truly making a healthy lifestyle?

1. Choose exercises that you really enjoy doing
2. Have a personal trainer (or friend) do a program with you to keep you focused.
3. Set specific goals for yourself. When you reach each goal, reward yourself with something that is not food related (i.e. buy a new pair of jeans, get a massage, etc.)
4. Get your family involved. Go bike riding with your kids, go hiking with your husband. If your family is healthy, it can help keep you motivated.
5. Put pictures on your refrigerator or women you would like to look like. Every time you want to snack, you’ll look at their figures and choose something healthy to eat!

What is your training routine like? (Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, etc.)

  • Monday: Back/Biceps/abs and ½ hour cardio
  • Tuesday: Cardio
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Legs/abs and ½ hour cardio
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Shoulders/triceps/Chest and ½ hour cardio
  • Sunday: Cardio

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for losing fat around the stomach and developing a toned and defined midsection?

1. Lots of cardio
2. Eating several small meals a day
3. Hire a nutritionist
4. Weighted Crunches (exercise ball, bench w/ball, hanging leg raises)
5. Drink lots of water

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for toning the thighs, hips and butt?

1. Lunges and squats
2. Dead lifts
3. Various kinds of cardio (dance, treadmill w/incline, spin class)
4. Step ups
5. Clean diet

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