Nita Marquez Fitness Model Interview and Photos


Why did you become interested in fitness?
I struggled with emotional issues which led to poor health and became interested in becoming fit due to this. I used to watch Cory Everson in interviews and read about her every chance I got. When I got older, I looked into competing and my ex-husband supported the idea, so we made a go of it (at that time together). Today, it is just my lifestyle and one of my many passions!

When did you first start working out?
When I was sixteen, I earned the money with a job to get my first gym membership at Angel’s in South Phoenix. I bagged groceries and went to the gym in the same plaza!

What other physical activities do you enjoy to stay fit?
I have been dancing with vigor since I can remember! With my children, I like to go hiking, and on the weekends, my gym allows me to take the kids in for family workouts. We also go to the track for intervals, bleachers and plyometrics on a regular basis (I work out while the kids play on the football field).

What are your goals within the fitness industry?
I truly would be honored to be a pro in the IFBB. However, the chips falling where they may, my destiny is locked in, and I will make my own personal destination regardless of when, or if, I ever received that precious and sometimes, elusive, little card. Insomuch as I have established a notable competition history, fitness is a true passion for me to share with children and mothers as a way of life with a company called NITA (New Insights for Training Achievers). I do fitness-based motivational seminars for mother’s groups and youth programs. In full, I aim to utilize my achieved credibility within the industry to inspire people to follow balanced yet creative lives cyclical with self-discovery and achievement of their dreams.

Additional Notes
My only additional note is that I truly believe in balance and wholehearted understanding of the promises we make to ourselves, as our word is our bond. That integrity is a personal matter, therefore, we personally take on the consequences or rewards of choices to honor or not honor our word. This goes for training as well. The quality of our results in that is only based on how much we say we will give and on how much we give of what we say we will. No need to be mad at the next person if they don’t keep their commitment. True champions are only concerned with maintaining balance in their own commitments and integrity! I will happily consider honoring assistance, advising, writing for, guest speaking or performing in any event where my knowledge and/or motivational techniques may be of constructive value to whom such provisions are being made. Contacts can be made through my website!! Looking forward to connecting with other positive and seeking individuals who are proactively striving for balance in their days!

Career Highlights:

  • 7-time NPC National Level top-five contender:
  • 1999 usa’s 5th (pregnant with second child)
  • 2001 usa’s 5th
  • 2001 nationals 4th
  • 2003 usa’s 3rd (post-third-child)
  • 2003 team u 2nd
  • 2003 nationals 4th
  • 2004 usa’s 5th
  • 2-time first place winner NPC Arizona State Fitness Championships:
  • 1999 Arizona’s 1st, overall
  • 2001 Arizona’s 1st, short class
  • 2-time runner up NPC Contra Costas:
  • 1999 contra costas 2nd
  • 2001 contra costas 2nd
  • 3rd place 2000 NPC Sacramento Fitness Championships



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