Rachel Owen Fitness Model Interview and Photos


Rachel Owen – Fitness Model Statistics

  • Name: Rachel Owen
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Weight: 135 pounds
  • Date of Birth: 07/04/91
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Bust: 36″
  • Waist: 26″
  • Hips: 36″
  • Location: Hollister, California

Rachel Owen – Fitness Model Interview

How did you get started in the fitness field?
I am new in the fitness field. I have been working out for almost one year and have already competed in four competitions including women’s bodybuilding, figure, and model searches.

What is the #1 thing you like best about being into fitness?
I love knowing that you are keeping your body healthy and living an active lifestyle. Also the self-motivation and confidence being in shape gives you makes you want to help others do the same.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?
I am just at the beginning of my career in fitness but the biggest accomplishment has been getting up on stage and being able to compete with women over twice my age!

What is the best way to get started in the fitness modeling industry? Should I just contact the photographers directly or should I use an agency?
The best way to get started in the fitness modeling industry is to get yourself out there. Competitions are a great way to get started; the more people see you on stage the better your chances are of getting known. It is best to contact the photographers directly.

Please describe a typical day for you. What is your daily routine like?
A typical day is getting up and going straight to the gym for cardio. I like my morning cardio to be done on an empty stomach so I will be burning all fat. I go home, eat breakfast, and depending on the day I go to school, or work. I lift weights in the afternoon and do another cardio session after my last meal at night. Before going to bed I try to concentrate on my workouts and diet for the next day.

I don’t have that much time during the day to workout, so I really want to burn major calories in a short amount of time. What is the #1 “bang for the buck” cardio exercise I should do to burn serious calories?
I always like to change things up and with a busy schedule don’t always have a lot of time for cardio either. Starclimbers are a great way of doing some intense cardio. Just 25 min can burn some serious calories!

How much weight (pounds) should I focus on losing every week? What is a safe amount to make sure I keep it off?
1-2 pounds a week is a safe amount to lose. You don’t want to jeopardize losing muscle.

What type of food or supplements should I take before and after my workouts to help me see results in gaining lean muscle and losing fat?
In the morning I take a fish oil, multivitamin, calcium, and amino acids. Before my workout I take a scoop of whey protein with glutamine and after my workout I take a scoop of whey with glutamine and vitamin C. Also with every meal I take fish oil and amino acids.

How do you deal with cravings for junk foods, sweets and salty food? I can stay on a diet for maybe a few weeks but I eventually get really bad cravings and binge on snacks and fast foods.
Dieting can be very tough but I always keep my mind on my goals. Try asking yourself, “Will this food help me reach my fitness goals?” If you have to ask that question, you probably shouldn’t be eating it. But if you’re not in prep for a competition it is okay to indulge in your cravings as long as you eat it in the morning so you have time to burn it off throughout the day. Also try to keep the cheat food at 200-300 calories.

I’m trying to create a healthy shopping list to stick with. What are some of the main foods I should include to maintain a lean and muscular physique?
Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Egg Whites, Water Packed Tuna, Tilapia, Chicken Breasts, and Fresh and Frozen Vegetables.


I’m about 35 pounds overweight. I have never started an exercise program and really don’t know where to start. What tips can you give me to get started on the right track?
First of all consult your doctor about any program before starting. Also you should first start eating a healthier diet full of lean protein, complex carbs, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

I tend to eat out most of the time and really don’t know what healthy foods to order from the menu. What tips do you recommend for eating out at restaurants to make sure my diet will not suffer?
When I eat out at a restaurant I make sure the food is prepared without any extra fat like baked or grilled. Most entrees come with rice, potatoes, fries, etc; Instead I order mine with extra steamed veggies. Also keep in mind portion size, most restaurant meals are enough to feed three or four people.

What exercises do you recommend for getting a bigger, rounder and fuller butt?
I have seen huge results with the free standing squat. Not only does this help tone, lift and shape your butt it also works your quads, hamstrings, lower back and core. Also, lunges are another great workout at targeting your butt.

What is the most challenging thing you deal with about consistently staying in top shape?
The one thing that can hinder my progress or maintenance in staying in top shape is time management. If I don’t carefully plan out my workouts, diets, cardio sessions, then my whole day is off balance. I try to take time every night to go over my plans and see what I need to work on that way I’m always on top of things.

Please describe your normal diet. What do you eat in a typical day to stay in shape?

  • Breakfast: ¼ c. Old Fashioned Oatmeal, 1/4c. Blueberries, 6 egg whites
  • Mid-Morning Snack: 1 Scoop Whey Protein, ¼ c. Brown Rice
  • Lunch: 5 oz. Grilled Chicken Breast, ½ c. Brown Rice
  • Mid-Afternoon Snack: 1 Scoop Whey, ½ c. Steamed Veggies
  • Dinner: 5 oz. Water Packed Tuna, 3c. Fresh Spinach
  • Before Bed: 1 Scoop Whey Protein

What type of exercises do you include in your routine to stay in shape?

  • Strength Training Exercises: Free Standing Squats, Leg Presses, Lunges, TBar Rows, Lat Pull Downs, Incline Bench, Flyes, Pushups, Arnold Press, Upright Rows, Lateral Raises, Bicep Curls
  • Cardio Exercises: Stairclimber, Stairmaster, Hiking, Outdoor Running at an Incline
  • Additional Training: When I work out I superset a lot of my exercises to keep my heart rate up to burn calories and get the most out of the workout.

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for developing toned and defined arms?

1. Preacher Bar Curls
2. Individual Bicep Curls
3. Kickbacks
4. Rope Pull Downs
5. Lateral Raises

What are your top 5 tips for losing unwanted body fat?

1. Lift Weights
2. Vary your cardio workouts, always change things up
3. Consume a diet high in lean protein
4. Consume a reasonable amount of calories 1800-2000
5. Eat foods in their most natural form

What are your top 5 tips for gaining lean muscle mass?

1. Consume a lot of lean protein; about 1g for every pounds of body weight.
2. Use heavy weights but also do high reps
3. Superset exercises
4. Drop Sets
5. Consume complex carbohydrates (brown rice, oatmeal) that way your body will use that for energy instead of the protein from your muscles.

What are the top 5 tips you recommend for staying motivated on a fitness plan and truly making a healthy lifestyle change?

1. Write down your goals
2. Get a training partner
3. Enter a competition
4. Keep progress pictures
5. Remind yourself daily of your goals and fitness plans.

What is your training routine like? (Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, etc.)

  • Monday: Cardio (hiking/stairclimber) Back- T-Bar rows, Lat Pulldowns, Bent over barbell, bent over dumbbell, hyperextensions Biceps- Preacher Bar Curls, Individual Bicep Curls Abs
  • Tuesday: Cardio (stairclimber) Legs- Freestanding squats, Leg Presses, Leg, Curls, Leg, Extensions, Lunges Abs
  • Wednesday: Cardio (stairclimber/outdoor running) Chest- incline bench press, pushups, flyes, incline dumbbell chest press Tricep- overhead extensions, kickbacks, flat bar pushdowns, rope pushdowns Abs
  • Thursday: Cardio (stairclimber) Shoulders- Arnold press, upright rows, lateral raises, front raises Abs
  • Friday: Cardio (hiking/stairclimber) Back- T-Bar rows, Lat Pulldowns, Bent over barbell, bent over dumbbell Biceps- Preacher Bar Curls, Individual Bicep Curls Abs
  • Saturday: Cardio (stairclimber) Tricep- overhead extensions, kickbacks, flat bar pushdowns, rope pushdowns Abs
  • Sunday: Cardio (stairclimber)

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for losing fat around the stomach and developing a toned and defined midsection?

1. Cable Crunches
2. Leg Raises
3. Oblique Crunches
4. Cardio
5. Diet low in fat and simple carbs and high in lean protein.

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for toning the thighs, hips and butt?

1. Free standing squats
2. Lunges
3. Leg presses
4. Hiking
5. Leg curls/extensions

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