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A rising star in Hollywood, Simona is making her way with the current film projects, “Chasing Ghosts” with Michael Madsen and Gary Busey. She also appears in the upcoming feature film, “Bottoms Up” with Paris Hilton and David Keith. On the small screen, Simona recently guest-starred on HBO’s critically acclaimed series “Entourage.” Wrestling fans around the world know her as one of the top four finalists in the World Wrestling Entertainment’s “RAW Diva Search,”. She beat out 8000 hopefuls for the coveted spot.

Simona Fusco – Fitness Model Statistics

  • Name: Simona Fusco
  • Height: 5’7
  • Weight: 114
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Bust: 34 C
  • Waist: 22
  • Hips: 34
  • Location: Sherman Oaks, California
  • Website:

Simona Fusco – Fitness Model Interview

How did you get started in the fitness modeling field?
I am half Italian and half Austrian so I am naturally blessed to have great muscle tone and was born with a high metabolism.

What is the #1 thing you like best about being into fitness?
It makes me feel better about myself, gives me more energy and gets tension out whether if it’s in your professional or personal life.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?
All these magazines approaching me to be in their magazine. Muscle Mag, American Curves, Oxygen, Health and Fitness, and also working in movies and TV.

What is the best way to get started in the fitness modeling industry? Should I just contact the photographers directly or should I use an agency?
I would definitely start with a reputable agency. They will introduce you to photographers and get you auditions. Don’t do it yourself. it can be very dangerous out there!

Please describe a typical day for you. What is your daily routine like?
I like working out outdoors when it is a beautiful day. I like to ride a bike on the beach or go hiking. It’s a great way to start your day. I usually have a bunch of auditions to run to that my agent gives me the day before. Print, commercial and theatrical. Lots of photo shoots I was just again in a 7 page spread of American Curves and coming out in Health and Fitness as well as Oxygen magazines.

I also just finished shooting a National Bud Light Commercial and I’m preparing for an upcoming movie (American Pie) which I am starting to shoot in March 2006. I guess you could say I have a pretty hectic schedule which by itself keeps me in shape!

I don’t have that much time during the day to workout, so I really want to burn major calories in a short amount of time. What is the #1 “bang for the buck” cardio exercise I should do to burn serious calories?
Try doing something you enjoy doing. For me it is walking on the beach, riding my horse, hiking or biking

How much weight (pounds) should I focus on losing every week? What is a safe amount to make sure I keep it off?
1-2 pounds is the safest for long term weight loss.

What type of food or supplements should I take before and after my workouts to help me see results in gaining lean muscle and losing fat?
Eat some complex carbs before your workout. Right after your workout, take in some simple sugars (fruit, etc.) and a quality protein source.

How do you deal with cravings for junk foods, sweets and salty food? I can stay on a diet for maybe a few weeks but I eventually get really bad cravings and binge on snacks and fast foods.
Choose smart cheat foods. For sweets, try frozen grapes and for your salty tasting needs, give “Smart Pop” popcorn a try. It’s about 200 a bag and is really crunchy which helps me.

I’m trying to create a healthy shopping list to stick with. What are some of the main foods I should include to maintain a lean and muscular physique?
I recommend the healthy shopping list here on ShapeFit. You will find many healthy foods to choose from at your local grocery store.

I’m about 35 pounds overweight. I have never started an exercise program and really don’t know where to start. What tips can you give me to get started on the right track?
Start off slow and get used to the equipment and actual movements for the exercises. Use the “Fitness Center” for great exercises and print them out before going to the gym so you know how to perform the movement.

I tend to eat out most of the time and really don’t know what healthy foods to order from the menu. What tips do you recommend for eating out at restaurants to make sure my diet will not suffer?
Make sure to ask them to hold the butter on all meals. Chefs tend to put butter in EVERYTHING to make the foods taste better. Tell them to “86” the butter and cook with extra virgin olive oil if needed. However, steamed is always better.

What exercises do you recommend for getting a bigger, rounder and fuller butt?
Squats and lunges are amazing for building a nice, tight and round butt.

What is the most challenging thing you deal with about consistently staying in top shape?
The strict dieting probably. I really love food, so its tough to pass on all the amazing food items I see everywhere.

Please describe your normal diet. What do you eat in a typical day to stay in shape?
I include lots of lean proteins, whole grain starches and fruits. I try to stay away from empty calories (soda, candy, etc.).

What type of exercises do you include in your routine to stay in shape?
Weight training, cardio (running) and stretching are my main exercises.

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for developing toned and defined arms?

1. Curls
2. Train past failure
3. Triceps pushdowns
4. Eat right after training
5. Train your forearms

What are your top 5 tips for losing unwanted body fat?

1. Diet
2. Cardio
3. Positive outlook
4. Meditation
5. Weight training

What are your top 5 tips for gaining lean muscle mass?

1. Train heavy
2. Go past failure
3. Eat the right foods
4. Eat enough protein
5. positive outlook

What are the top 5 tips you recommend for staying motivated on a fitness plan and truly making a healthy lifestyle change?

1. Stay on track
2. Keep a food journal
3. Keep a training journal
4. Take photos of yourself every week!
5. Keep a positive attitude and don’t get discouraged

What is your training routine like? (Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, etc.)

  • Monday: Back/Chest (30 min of cardio)
  • Tuesday: Shoulders
  • Wednesday: Biceps/Triceps (30 min of cardio)
  • Thursday: Abs
  • Friday: Legs (30 min of cardio)
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: rest

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for losing fat around the stomach and developing a toned and defined midsection?

1. Watch your diet
2. Get in at least 30 min of cardio a day
3. Train abs with weight resistance
4. Hanging leg raises
5. Crunches

What are the top 5 tips (specific exercises, diet advice, etc) you recommend for toning the thighs, hips and butt?

1. Squats
2. Walking lunges
3. Sprinting
4. Walking on an incline
5. Leg press

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