Tips To Believe in Yourself and Reach Your Ultimate Fitness Goals


From the day we become familiar with our surroundings which includes the world and the people around us, we start dreaming and set forth to reaching our destinations and our goals which we desire to achieve in our lifetime.

As Douglas Everett said:
“There are some people, who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality and then there are those who turn one into the other.”

We are all capable of doing anything and achieving any goal we set for ourselves, but the difference comes in the will, the belief, and the faith in one’s own self. Your belief is attained when you are confident in yourself. Self-confidence decreases when you dislike one or more aspects of your own self-existence whether it’s your body, personality or overall attitude.

Disliking yourself is not the solution. You are probably just ignoring the basic facts of your life. Since we are dealing largely with weight reduction and obesity related problems in this article, I will use examples for this topic. Negative thought patterns are all too common among dieters and are one of the reasons why so many dieters are unable to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime.

The negative comments from friends, family and co-workers discourages dieters to open up with their true feelings and they usually end up with decreased willpower to make changes in their life. The end result is a distraction from reaching their goals.

However, the truth is that obesity is mainly a physical disorder, which is 100% reversible (other than medical conditions like thyroid issues that cause weight gain). Once a person realizes the importance of a healthy body and decides to really put in the effort to work on making a true lifestyle change, they will start focusing their mindset and determination to achieve their health goals.

Weight loss is about 90% mental and the key is commitment, planning and goal setting. Once you start believing in yourself and loving your body, you will be able to leap over all of the hurdles in front of you and your goal will be so much easier to achieve. Remember these tips to help boost your confidence:

  • One thing that you cannot recycle is wasted time.
  • Although you can’t go back and change the past, anyone can start right now to make changes.
  • Do not try to lose weight or achieve your goals too fast. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Make a lifelong commitment to yourself to change your lifestyle and habits for the better.
  • Always think positive and stay focused.
  • Respect your body and treat it well.
  • It is not the actual failure itself that holds you back, but the fear of failure that paralyzes you.

All of us are the proud owners of the wonderful machines which we call our bodies. We are very lucky to live in an era when great progress is being made and we are now able to understand and truly know our bodies in a better way.

So make sure to love and enjoy your prized possession and always take care of it. I hope this article helped to boost you up so you can start a new beginning in your life. Here is a short poem I wrote for all of you:


Hopes and aspirations gives life its meaning,
Teaches the rules of losing and gaining.
Whether you want to be a doctor or an engineer,
It brings your life and dreams near.

It is my ultimate desire and goal,
Wished from the inner heart of my soul,
To get into my dreams and make them real,
To bring a smile and maintain it for years.

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