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Do you ever get out of bed and begin eating healthy and exercising with no second thought about it along with having absolutely no inspiration? I doubt it! The transition to a healthy lifestyle can be a difficult one for most people. The majority of people struggle when they begin to change their habits in order to transform their lives. Eating right and setting up a consistent schedule to workout while still taking care of daily responsibilities can sometimes be complicated and even seem impossible at times. But what is it that keeps us pushing through our obstacles and what allows us to see the light at the end of the tunnel? Where does our inspiration originate from?

When you chose to engage in a healthy lifestyle you had a specific goal in mind whether that be tighter abs, a reduction in overall body fat or just to feel better about yourself. These goals inspired you to keep going at times in which you may have been inclined to stop. Have you ever stopped and thought who are you doing all this for? If it’s not for yourself, your body, soul and mind, then you have some thinking to do.

People sometimes take up exercise only to look good for other people which might include their spouse, a rival “friend” or many other reasons. You might want to look good for that reunion coming up and that’s completely normal. After all, you want to show people how great you’re doing, right? You will bust your hump day in and day out at the gym and the inspiration behind your hard work is wanting to show off your body to other people? What happens after the reunion? What happens to your inspiration then?

When your inspiration comes from within, your workouts will be so much more meaningful and you will be on right track for long-term success. When you get up early in the morning to workout, before another hectic day begins, you should do it for yourself and for that healthy change you’re cultivating in yourself. Sure, other people can be an inspiration to you. Maybe it’s your favorite celebrity’s toned arms that gets you to the gym, but at the end of the day, it’s you that has to summon up all that willpower and dedication that will make you go to the gym and exercise. It’s the inspiration you cultivate from within that is the key.

The main point that you should understand is that you must feel inspired for yourself and want to feel great for yourself, not anyone else. Your own inspiration from within is what will allow you to persevere and see any type of roadblocks as opportunities. The only person that you are around all day is yourself so make sure to motivate yourself for real long-term change. Inspire yourself to change your life and when you head into the gym, give it all you’ve got!

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