Develop a Winning Mindset – 5 Tips To Reach Fitness Success


Do you ever feel like sometimes in life you just need some extra motivation? Well, if you feel that way right now as your eyes are reading this article, I think I can help you out! I’ve compiled a top five list that will serve as a Tony Robbins-like booster shot in your booty to help you keep that winning mindset!

5) ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE: Okay, this one is more obvious than spotting an anorexic at a supermodel convention, but it is essential for keeping a winning mindset. Bad things happen in life and what good does it do you to look at the negative side? If you are overweight and want to lose some poundage, think in a positive light about the opportunities you have to change your lifestyle into something healthier. You have the option of joining a gym, choosing to eat healthier and cutting your chances for developing health problems in half. Just have a great attitude because we are all going to die one day and don’t you want to leave knowing that you overcame the odds and arose victoriously? Now let’s go out and win one for the Gipper…..whoops! I got a little carried away, but you know what I mean!

4) SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE: There are a lot of negative people in this world and I have dealt with almost every one of them throughout my life (or at least it seems that way!). This one is very simple: if you constantly surround yourself with people who bring you down, how can you possibly be lifted up? I’ve had to say farewell to some of my old friends whom I have known almost my entire life because they always tore me down to make themselves feel good or superior to me. I don’t need that in my life and anyone who makes me feel that way isn’t a true friend and I’m better off without them. Be around people who share the same goals that you do and will always build you up!

3) LOOK TO THE PAST: If you were once in shape and are now out of it, put up an old picture of what you used to look like on your refrigerator. This serves as a great motivator to hit the gym. If you have always been out of shape, then put up a picture of someone whom you want to look like (i.e. fitness model, athlete), that’s within reason of course! This can help spark that motivation that lies within us all!

2) DON’T DO THIS ALONE: If you have a goal in mind, don’t be afraid to share it with others. You never know who can help you accomplish it. Never believe that what you want out of life is stupid! Chances are, there are several other people just like you who want to accomplish the goal you have. Constantly remind yourself that you have people who can help you, whether it be friends, family members or even me! If you run into a rough patch, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It will make your journey that much easier!

1) BE YOURSELF: The only person who really knows who you are is….well, you! You know what you are capable of doing. Everyone has a winning attitude within them, but some have a harder time finding it than others. Find that one thing that motivates you and run with it! For me, and this may sound weird, I always think about my favorite basketball players (since basketball is my favorite sport!) when I need some extra motivation. I think about highlights I’ve seen where they hit a game winning shot or throw down a monster dunk over somebody and run down the court beating their chest! Just thinking about that sends my motivation through the roof because of the intensity they put on display. I’ve been using that as a motivator for years. Find something in your life that serves as some motivation, no matter how ridiculous it is, and use it to your advantage!

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I am a fitness model and bodybuilder originally from Cedar City, Utah and now reside in Salt Lake City. I received an Exercise Science degree with a Nutrition minor from the University of Utah and I'm a IFPA Certified Personal Trainer. See my profile page for more information!

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