Diet Questions and Answers – Nutrition Tips To Eat Clean


Should I eat protein or carbs? What’s a good pre-workout meal? How about after my workout? What about the number of grams of protein per day for optimal muscle mass? These are some of the questions we receive daily from real people just like you. We have included these diet questions below to help assist you with finding the right answers to your most common diet questions. We provide diet advice and nutritional tips so you can start building muscle and losing fat!

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  1. You said to eat breakfast like a King and eat dinner like a peasant. I work nights so I don’t eat a heavy breakfast like that. Do you have any other suggestions on how to loss weight working the night shift?

    • Earline – Your overall calories have the biggest impact on successfully losing weight and keeping it off so a balanced approach to your meals is probably the best way to go when working the night shift. One recommendation is to keep your starchy carbs (rice, potatoes, bread) lower later at night if you’re having issues losing fat. Even though you work the night shift and are most likely waking up in the afternoon, your first meal of the day should be packed with clean carbs and lean protein. Your goal is to consume a lot of nutrient dense calories after waking up since your body is in a highly catabolic state after several hours of sleeping and you want to get out of this state of “breaking down” tissue as quickly as possible.

  2. Why do you so many restaurants use so much salt! So many people today have high blood pressure and the extra salt really raises blood pressure! So much of the food could stand to have the salt in much smaller quantities! Sea salt and Himalayan salt is good and does not raise blood pressure as much as plain old salt! I have to try and eat at home as much as possible as it is much healthier!

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