Fat Burning Questions with Answers and Tips for Losing Weight


Do you have questions about fat burning workouts, exercises or eating the right foods to lose weight? Maybe you’re interested in toning up a little so you can lose those extra 5-10 pounds of body fat which is hanging around. We have included our most popular fat burning questions from real people just like you along with answers to help you succeed. We provide advice and tips about nutrition, weight training and cardio exercise so you can shed those extra pounds safely and effectively!

Losing weight is a demanding and physically challenging task that many people undertake in order to better themselves. Many people struggle and have little understanding about the requirements needed in order to tackle fat cells that multiply on a continual basis, with a turnover rate that is irrespective of a person’s weight. Learning from other people’s successes and failures will help you discover why fat burning can be so difficult to achieve.

Fat burning is a difficult process because of the rate that new fat cells form. According to Matthew Rodeheffer, an obesity specialist at Yale University, based on a clinical trial undertaken by his team involving mice, the appearance of new fat cells following a five day high-fat diet had already appeared. He notes that this process can be even faster in humans.

The additional problem related to this task is the fact that existing fat cells do not go away, they simply reduce in size. “Weight loss attributes to the shrinkage of fat cells, as opposed to the reduction of quantity”, Rodeheffer states. The exception to this rule is brown fat. Findings suggest that “bad” white fat cells (which store excess calories and are associated with obesity and metabolic disease) can actually be transformed into “good” brown fat cells, which burn as opposed to storing energy accumulated from food.

Increasing your brown fat can be achieved through a few simple ways. Eating apples contributes to the growth of brown fat cells, due to the ursolic acid featured in apple peels, which boosts the quantity of brown fat within the body. White fat cells can also be converted to brown ones, through consistent and regular exercise, which triggers the enzyme known as irisin, which aids in this conversion process.

Maintaining a consistent intake of calories also helps propel the fat conversion process. Studies conducted at Yale School of Medicine discovered that brain neurons in mice that regulate appetite, also have the potential to encourage the transformation of white cells to brown fat cells. Finding the balance between over-stuffing and eating too little, just enough to keep these neurons active, helps tremendously during the transformation process.

Learning from others is an essential part of the weight loss process. Whether it’s a mentor, personal trainer or close friend who has also lost weight, having a guide who can optimize your fitness plan and provide regular encouragement is a great benefit to help you succeed. An established mentor can provide guided assessments based on your current situation, along with regular training routines and monitoring of progress. Having support from a trusted individual can provide advice on dietary changes and requirements in order to eat the right foods. Those with questions and concerns will benefit from a guide who is willing to help you – and it doesn’t always have to be a professional either.

Learning from others and understanding the basic concepts of fat loss provides a realistic goal for you to attain through regular encouragement and dedication to changing things for the better!

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    • Hi Tony – We recommend a very basic approach and that is to use a little caffeine before your workouts to increase the fat burning process. A cup of black coffee or some green tea will do the trick. Avoid wasting your money on expensive pills and supplements. They key is focusing your attention on a clean diet and adequate fitness plan.

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