How Do I Get in Shape with Scoliosis?


question-icon-newI have scoliosis and my shoulders are uneven. I can’t lift a lot of weight. However, I’m a dancer and I really want to get stronger and more toned. What do you recommend for me to get back into shape?

answer-icon-newThis is a common question that a lot of active people with scoliosis are concerned about and its very important to cover the many ways you can safely exercise with this condition in order to get the most out of a fitness program and live a healthy lifestyle.

Since scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side, its extremely important that you keep your back as straight as possible when attempting any strength training exercises to ensure safety during the physical activity. As discussed below, it is absolutely critical to consult with your doctor who is an expert in your condition before starting any exercises or workout routines. Its better to be safe than sorry so make sure to have a professional give you full approval before beginning on your journey to get back into shape.

Work With Your Doctor
If you want to workout without aggravating the current issues you are experiencing with scoliosis, you really should not take part in any exercise program without the advice and direction of your doctor who is specialized in your condition. Getting in shape with scoliosis is not a complicated thing especially if you handle it the right way. Consulting with your doctor will enable you to truly understand the exercises that you can use as well as the ones you need to avoid. This will lead to comfortable and effective muscle building training with specific exercises that are safe and effective. Once you have the full approval from your doctor that you can begin training, the tips described below should be very effective for you.

Before You Start
Do not let the approval from your doctor excite you so much that you throw caution to the wind and workout super hard with intense exercises. You need to start from the lowest level of training possible and anytime you feel any slight discomfort, you should discontinue the routine immediately. It is always wise to make sure that there is a training expert around as you get started since they will know how to deal with any problems that may develop as you train.

Focus on Strengthening Your Entire Body
Most people with scoliosis make the mistake of focusing only on exercises that are designed to strengthen a certain area of the body. This turns out to be a mistake since there is a need for other muscle groups, especially the back, to be strong enough to support the training. For this reason, the best game plan to take when you get started training with scoliosis is to work on all of the large muscles of your body. A lot of emphasis should be placed on using exercises that develop the torso and back muscles as this leads to increased strength along with additional support for your shoulders. Once this has been achieved, switching to shoulder specific exercises should be easier and more effective. Taking a holistic (whole body) approach to your training ensures that you target all of the main muscle groups and achieve complete stimulation all over your entire physique.

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