Braum’s Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesCalories from FatTotal FatSaturated FatTrans FatSodium (mg)CarbohydratesSugars
Cottage Cheese1306064044055
Jalapeno Dip605063.5015022
Sour Cream605063.502022
Cottage Cheese (Low Fat)110252.51.5042066
French Onion Dip705063.5020032
Ranch Dip705063.5018032
Milk Fat Free13000001901818
Milk Reduced Fat130455301401313
Chocolate Milk - Half Gallon210808502002725
Milk Whole Fat120252.51.501601515
Milk Whole150708501201111
Frozen Yogurt - Vanilla Soft230809601503327
Frozen Yogurt -Chocolate Soft220808501353329
Grocery & Bakery
Banana Nut Bread (Seasonal)1909010401002413
Hot Dog Buns1502020025284
Hamburger Buns300404.50.5035539
Fudge Cake35016018513504530
Cinnamon Crumb Cake (Seasonal)2201001121.52402815
Pound Cake27010011503004122
Cake Cones3550002070
Waffle Cones7050.50015155
Sugar Cones6050.50010124
Banana Nut Cookies1507071.51651910
Chocolate Chip Cookies1707082.51852413
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies15060620.5852213
Snickerdoodle Cookies1605061.51.5902413
Sugar Cookies - Red (Seasonal)1605061.51.5902413
Chocolate Almond Cookies1607081.51.5702111
Oatmeal Cookies1606071.51.5602214
Peanut Butter Cookies1605061.511002213
Sugar Cookies - Green (Seasonal)1605061.51.5902413
Apple Juice110000052828
Orange Juice120000052827
Fruit Punch1200000202928
Pink Lemonade110000003028
Banana Nut Muffins22011012201702413
Carrot-Walnut Muffins22011011201902716
Cinnamon Rolls250506212304425
Blueberry Muffins2109010201902816
Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Pie3101001261.51154432
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pie2801101271.5903827
Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Pie300901051854731
Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream Pie3001401661.51053523
Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie (Seasonal)3101201361.51004329
Party Mix (Seasonal)130404.510300192
Packaged Ice Cream
CarbWatch Butter Pecan160100126045152
CarbWatch Chocolate Chip Ice Cream18090106030172
CarbWatch Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream160100126045162
CarbWatch Vanilla Ice Cream1408096030162
CarbWatch Chocolate Almond Ice Cream160100116030162
CarbWatch Chocolate Ice Cream1408096030172
CarbWatch Coffee Ice Cream1308096030162
French Egg Nog Ice Cream (Seasonal)15080850401716
French Vanilla Ice Cream15080950451515
CarbWatch Chocolate Almond Bars2101501713030171
Ice Cream Bars2001201380551917
Ice Cream Sandwiches26070850.51303925
Frozen Yogurt - Banana Pecan1306062.50701614
Frozen Yogurt -Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate1404553.50602017
Frozen Yogurt -Chocolate Amaretto1304552.50551816
Frozen Yogurt -Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup18090104.501201916
Frozen Yogurt -1406063.50451815
Coconut Chocolate Walnut
Frozen Yogurt - Peach12025320502018
Frozen Yogurt -Strawberry11030320501916
Frozen Yogurt - Toffee Bark13045530701917
Frozen Yogurt -Bourdeaux Cherry Amaretto130404.520551816
Frozen Yogurt -Chocolate1204042.50501714
Frozen Yogurt -Chocolate Chip Pecan18060730551715
Frozen Yogurt -Chocolate Pecan14060730601614
Frozen Yogurt - Coffee Bean1203542.50601917
Frozen Yogurt -Pineapple Almond13045520501816
Frozen Yogurt -Strawberry Banana11025320451816
Frozen Yogurt - Vanilla1203542.50601715
Light Butter Pecan Ice Cream13050620751715
Light Chocolate Chip Ice Cream1503542.50651816
Light English Toffee Ice Cream13035420851917
Light Cherry Amaretto Ice Cream120303.520652017
Light Chocolate Covered Cherries Ice Cream13035430602018
Light Vanilla Ice Cream11030320651816
No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt - Lowfat Vanilla902021.5060185
No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt - Light Chocolate Almond1103541.5055175
No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt - Light Peanut Cluster Fudge1203541.5085215
No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt - Lowfat Chocolate902021.5055185
No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt - Lowfat Chocolate Malt901521070185
No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt - Light Butter Pecan110454.51.5070175
No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt - Light Chocolate Pecan120454.51.5070185
No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt - Lowfat Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate1103032.5060205
No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt - Lowfat Chocolate Chip1303032060185
No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt - Lowfat Vanilla Bean902021.5060185
Premium Butter Pecan15080940651513
Premium Black Walnut15080940501514
Premium Brownie Batter1708094.50.5552017
Premium Butter Brickle1507074.50601817
Premium Cake Batter170901050501917
Premium Chocolate1406074.50501716
Premium Chocolate Chip17070750551615
Premium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough1907084.50651918
Premium Chocolate Marshmallow1405063.50452119
Premium Chocolate Toffee17080950802019
Premium Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough1607074.50652119
Premium Dulce de Leche15050640652221
Premium Fudge Ripple14060640601918
Premium Gingerbread -Seasonal170901050551917
Premium Mint Chocolate Chip1806074.50501917
Premium Peanut Butter Cup19011012601201816
Premium Pecan Praline1506073.50902118
Premium Pistachio Almond15080940501514
Premium Rocky Road15070840501716
Premium Strawberry Cheesecake1404553.50452018
Premium Vanilla Bean1406074.50551615
Premium Vanilla with Butterfinger1507074.50651916
Premium Banana Split1506073.50501917
Ice Cream
Premium Bourdeaux Cherry Amaretto14070740501715
Premium Brownie Fudge Sundae15060740.5602018
Premium Butter Pecan1509094.50651514
Premium Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate15070850551917
Premium Cherry Chocolate Chip1706074.50551816
Premium Chocolate Almond15080940451615
Premium Chocolate Chip Chocolate16070850551918
Premium Chocolate Malt Ball16070860701917
Premium Chocolate Pecan1608094.50651615
Premium Cookies n Cream15070740751915
Premium Dream Cooler1405063.50502018
Premium English Toffee15070740.5751816
Premium German Chocolate16080950551817
Premium Homestyle Vanilla17080950602018
Premium Neapolitan13060740501715
Premium Peanut Butter with Snickers1608094.501051916
Premium Peppermint14060740501915
Premium Pumpkin -Seasonal13060640501514
Premium Strawberry1305063.50451716
Premium Vanilla1306074.50551615
Premium Vanilla Chunky Chocolate15070860601817
Premium White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake15070850451917
Sherbet - Pineapple13025320252522
Sherbet - Lime13030320252623
Sherbet - Rainbow13025320302623
Sherbet - Cherry Limeade14025320302724
Sherbet - Lemon13030320252623
Sherbet - Orange13030320302623
Sherbet - Red Raspberry1402531.50302724
Sherbet - Sicilian Orange13025320352623

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