Brown’s Chicken & Pasta Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemServingsCaloriesFat (gms)Carbs (gms)Protein (gms)
Breast1 serving(3.5 oz)28414.612.126
Gizzard1 serving(3.5 oz)38720.326.424.3
Legs1 serving(3.5 oz)28716.39.126
Livers1 serving(3.5 oz)34118.719.823.3
Thigh1 serving(3.5 oz)35541.113.421.1
Wing1 serving(3.5 oz)38524.817.322.9
Sara Lee, Chocolate Fudge Brownies1 square(1.4 oz)1708222
Mostaccioli, with Marinara Sauce1 serving7929.6145.823.7
Spaghetti, with Marinara Sauce1 serving7929.6145.823.7
Cole Slaw1 serving(3.5 oz)1319.59.41.7
Potato Salad1 serving(3.5 oz)943.812.92
Liquid Margarine1 serving(0.5 oz)1001100
Pasta Sauce1 serving(3.5 oz)854.78.52.1
Cheezy Potatoes1 serving(4 oz)18810.816.26.5
Corn Fritters1 serving(3.5 oz)41525.341.85.0
Corn On The Cob1 cob(3")(3.5oz)1262.722.42.9
French Fries1 serving(3.5 oz)50321.643.84.8
Garlic Breadsticks1 breadstick501.191.4
Italian Beef1 serving(1 oz)5020.27.5
Italian Sausage1 serving(1 oz)105100.34
Mashed Potatoes1 serving(3.5 oz)3604729
Meatballs1 serving(1 oz)8061.65
Mushrooms1 serving(3.5 oz)28916.229.66.1
Shrimp1 serving(3.5 oz)27710.133.722.6
Smart Ones Three Cheese Ziti Marinara255 grams29074412
Spaghetti in Meat Sauce1 order8/12 oz83514143.626.9
Spaghetti in Meatless Sauce1 order/12 oz7929.6145.823.7

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