Chicken Express Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesProteinTotal CarbsSugarsTotal FatSaturated FatTrans FatSodiumCholesterol
Chicken Breast 2302290124.5174080
Fried Chicken Wing 27020901761940100
Fried Chicken Thigh 29017802281690100
Fried Chicken Leg 22020801351760110
Fried Chicken Tender 28021150157180060
Fried Chicken Liver 4001923025121.4570325
Fried Chicken Gizzard 3602021022101.3900205
Fried Hot Wing 28024901660.461120115
Side Orders
Fried Okra 190542218007000
French Fries 6022217103600
Corn on the Cob 803184100100
Seasoned Italian Green Beans 400620006000
Cheese Sticks 7038<12.51.5028010
Jalapeno Poppers 130516352.5055010
Corn Nuggets 19033126104200
Fried Pickle Slices 12451526304800
Mashed Potatoes without gravy 10011733103800
Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese 2809303144090015
Biscuits 1782.7222.598323900.76
Yeast Roll 11032242001400
Cole Slaw (Amounts based on Dressing) 14001010122034020
Gravy (Dry Mix) 5006230.
Vanilla Soft Serve (86g)1000191432.50800
Chocolate Soft Serve (86g)1000191432.50800
Fried Apple Pie220332992.52.51700
Addins for Chicken E Blends
Chocolate 100<12420000150
Caramel 110<127210001250
Heath® 15011717950955
Butterfinger® 9011493.520450
M&M's® 12011715530155
Oreo® 130119111.500130130
Reeses® 15031613930850
Strawberry 16.25004.37500000
Mango 17.5004.37500000
Strawberry Banana 16.25003.87500000
Peach 16.25004.2500000
Heinz Ketchup 10032000850
Heinz Honey 2507700000
Buffalo Sauce 400103.51.505800
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing 160021172.503005
Cocktail Sauce 350870004500
Honey Mustard Dressing 14008712202205
Marinara Sauce 250640003000
Tartar Sauce 9004381.5027010
BBQ Sauce 4501190004800
Chipotle Ranch 150032152.5019010
Coca-Cola Classic 990272700060
Coka-Cola Zero 0000000300
Diet Coke 0000000100
Barq's Root Beer 11103030000240
Sprite 9702626000220
Red Flash 10502828000210
Hi-C Flashin' Fruit Punch 1040282700090
Minute Maid Lemonade 9702626000410
Minute Maid Mango Smoothie 140003500000
Minute Maid Strawberry Smoothie 130003500000
Minute Maid Peach Smoothie 130003400000
Minute Maid Strawberry/Banana Smoothie 130003100000
Chicken Express Sweet Tea 1900121200000

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